Cleaning our Epic Messes with Eureka Power

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You all know I have three messy kids, right? If you didn’t I’m telling you now. They.Are.Messy. So, you can probably imagine how the floors in my house look. It ain’t pretty, folks. We have a vacuum but it’s not a high quality product at all. The truth is I rarely pull it out because it’s not worth it. We were in desperate need of a better vacuum! Enter the Eureka Suction Seal 2.0, which provided me with #EurekaPower!

eureka-suctionseal-2 #shop #EurekaPower

I’ll let my video do the talking. (Don’t make fun of me, okay? Hilarious that I thought I was going to be a news anchor at one point)

When I got notice that I was getting to try a new vacuum, off I went to Walmart in my minivan (obviously) to pick one up! And apparently just in the nick of time as I got the last one! It was even on rollback for $129!


I couldn’t wait to try it out. I got it out as soon as I got home. Usually I don’t put anything we buy together without my husband present. Too much frustration on my part. But this was super simple to put together. Within five minutes I was cleaning up some test messes on the different surfaces of our home.

Starting with the dreaded crushed cheez-its on our frieze carpet courtesy of my boys . . .

eureka-power-messes #shop #eurekapower

And the darn cheerios on our hardwood floors courtesy of our Sawyer girl . . .

eureka-power-cheerios #shop #eurekapower

Pretty awesome, eh? I love how it has different settings that allow you to raise the plates on different flooring.

eureka-floor-settings #shop #eurekapower

So, there you have it! A vacuum is my new best friend, I have messy kids and I drive a minivan. No problems whatsoever figuring out what I blog about ;)

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The nothing special but completely extraordinary, kind of moments

American Beauty has always been one of my favorite movies. Think of any major source of complexity in the human race and you’ll probably find it in that movie. It’s pretty, um, complicated. A movie reviewer I am not.

My absolute favorite part of the movie was at the end. The main character is killed and as he is dying his life flashes before his eyes. And what he sees blows me away. He sees his young wife and two children. They are on a tea cup amusement park ride. They are spinning ’round and ’round, laughing and smiling. He lived his whole life with a million memories, good and bad alike. But in his final breaths it was this simple moment of happiness that was remembered.

Things are a bit difficult right now. It’s clear that ten months into this whole “three kids thing” we’re having some growing pains as a family. Adding another child to our crew has brought us all so many joyful times. But from the two older boys there has also been jealousy, acting out and some not-so-fun tantrums from all of us (yes, me included). Everyone is a bit sensitive right now.

I know life isn’t a movie. It’s not as dramatic as Kevin Spacey and not as pretty as Mena Suvari. But I do know one thing.

The hardest years are also the best years. I try to keep that in mind when all three of my kids are crying and I’m standing in a puddle of spilled juice, three seconds from running to the bathroom and locking the door while practicing breathing exercises.

A couple months ago we took our family for a picnic on the lawn of a gorgeous art museum. It was a humid and hot day but in the shade of the trees it wasn’t too bad. I watched my kiddos eat fresh watermelon and they laughed as drips of sweetness rolled down their little chins. And for one split second I thought, God don’t let me forget this moment.


It was one of those nothing special but completely extraordinary, kind of moments. If you’re a mom then you know the ones. You’re probably thinking of one right now, aren’t you? Maybe you’re even smiling?

Yes, it’s hard sometimes. Yes, there are BIG emotions from everyone. But at the end of my life, it won’t be the hard stuff that is remembered. It will be the smiles. The laughter. And maybe, just maybe, it will include sticky watermelon chins on a hot September day.

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She has my feet

I loved being a boy mom. I was content being a boy mom. But there was always something I wondered about . . . something missing.

I have my dad’s feet. And my dad has his mom’s feet. Toes to be more specific. Our second and third toes are a little webbed. I know it sounds weird. But it’s really not that bad. I’m not like a duck or anything. It’s just, the skin in between the toes is a bit higher than normal. It’s interesting. But to me, they are just my toes. I inherited them from my dad. And he got the trait from his mom. And so on.

So when my boys were born I looked at their feet and realized, nope, they both have their dad’s feet. And it made me a little sad that the trait of “special” toes would end with me.

Then, unexpectedly, Sawyer came along. Her feet are tiny. Really tiny. As in, she is 9-months-old and still can’t wear most baby shoes. She has tiny ballerina feet. But I realized something.

She has my feet.

Apparently, the interesting toe trait will carry on.

And that makes me ridiculously happy for some odd reason.


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