My Struggle with Chronic Pain

My mom put me in my first dance class when I was three-years-old and being the stage-loving performer that I am, I absolutely flourished. I took tap, jazz and ballet classes until I left for college at the age of 18. I was active and in shape, spending hours a day stretching and strengthening my muscles. Aside from the occasional muscle soreness caused by pushing my body to its limits, I never suffered any real injuries during my dancing years.

But at the age of 26, ten years ago this week, I was in a car accident that would change my life forever. I stopped to yield to oncoming traffic and then heard a loud noise. At first I thought my car had been struck by lightning. That’s how loud it was. As I was trying to figure out what the noise was, I suddenly realized my car was in the middle of the street!

Then I felt it – one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt in my life. It was like a wave of warmth climbing my spinal cord that rose to the top of my skull. I quickly grabbed my head with both my arms and sat there begging for the pain to go away. At the time I didn’t even know what had happened yet. But I would soon find out.

A woman rear-ended me so hard that my car was pushed into the roadway. I heard a knock on my car window. It was the woman who hit me, although I didn’t know that at the time. She opened the door and asked if I was okay. I remember screaming, “No!” I don’t remember anything else until I was waking up in the emergency room of the hospital. After a couple hours they sent me home with some painkillers and I foolishly thought my body would heal after a couple weeks. But after a month of barely being able to roll out of bed without excruciating pain I knew my life and my health was forever changed.

My car was totaled and so was my upper body.

For the last ten years I have had pain in my neck and right shoulder. Sometimes the pain can be debilitating. I have missed work, important events and life in general. I have taken every single pain medication and muscle relaxer available. I have had painful epidurals in my neck because I literally couldn’t get out of bed without them. I have gone to chiropractors and physical therapists searching for even the tiniest bit of relief. But eventually, I just learned to live with the pain.

My struggle with chronic pain and how I'm trying to manage it with MELT method |

I never realized how much chronic pain can negatively affect your life. Although my injuries were not life-threatening, I must manage chronic pain every day. Sometimes I feel angry and upset about it all. I used to exercise daily. I cared about my body and my health. But it feels like that part of me fell apart after the car accident. For a long time, I gave up on exercise because every time I got active again I had more pain in my neck and shoulder.

But I realize that I can’t give up. I’ve got too much to live for and too many things I want to accomplish. That’s why I am on a recent quest to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle! With that, comes the desire to find a solution for long-term neck pain relief.

The MELT Method is helping me accomplish this goal. In just ten minutes a day I am working to get out and stay out of chronic pain. I like this hands-off approach. There are certainly times that will require me to see a professional but I like the feeling that I am in control of my own pain relief – and not having to rely on heavy, sedating medications is also quite helpful since I am a busy working mom!

MELT is just one thing I am adding to my new daily health regimen to positively impact my overall well-being. If you struggle with chronic pain I highly recommend you check it out.

I am hopeful that using this technique will decrease my pain and increase my ability to live a full life again. Even after ten years I refuse to give up hope that my body can heal!

I was compensated for sharing my personal story of managing chronic pain and trying The MELT Method. However, my words and thoughts are my own. Thank you for reading and allowing me to support this blog through thoughtful sponsored content!

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