5 Things I Need for a Good Run

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In March I began a running training called Couch to 5K. This basically means you go from not being able to run AT ALL to being ready to run a 5K in as little as eight weeks. Although I had a couple weeks in there where I wasn’t able to run, I’m finally finishing my training at 13 weeks.

I’ll be running my first 5K this Saturday on Fourth of July! I’m both excited and nervous to participate in a run with a lot of other people. But mostly, I’m crazy proud of myself for setting a goal and REACHING it.

It has been very eye-opening to see how much my body and my mindset can completely change in the span of three months. That’s all it took to start seeing muscle definition and an increase in strength and endurance.

This has truly been one of my greatest personal challenges. As someone who said she would NEVER be a runner, it hasn’t been easy for me at all. Especially as the temperature and humidity has risen during the transition from spring to summer. I started running in much cooler temps. But now it is hot and humid and honestly, really difficult to finish each running session.

There are definitely some important things I need to have a good run.

Looking for help with fitness or running? 5 Things I Need for a Good Run #HydrationToGo [ad] | adayinmollywood.com
1.) Proper Clothing

moisture wicking running clothes
I always laughed when my husband spent money on special clothing for working out. Now I’m eating my words. Buying moisture-wicking clothes is so important, especially during summer outdoor activities, to staying comfortable and cool. Investing in a few key pieces like this is a good idea, including a good pair of running shoes.

2.) 5K Running App & Sports Earphones

5 Things I Need for a Good Run #HydrationToGo [ad] | adayinmollywood.com

I loveeee the #C25K running app I downloaded to my phone. It’s called 5K Runner and it has been integral to my training success! You hit “Let’s Go” for the training day you’re on and a friendly voice tells you when to start and stop running. At first, there were a lot of starts and stops as you’re building endurance. But by the time you finish you’re running for 30 minutes straight! Pretty amazing what a simple phone app can do for your health! You can listen to music while running the program. But I recommend sports earphones so they don’t fall out of your ears.

3.) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Vitamin Water to stay hydrated #HydrationToGo [ad] | adayinmollywood.com

I’ll admit I’m not great at remembering to drink enough water. I learned my lesson the hard way when, after a particularly hard run, I had severe muscle cramps, light-headedness and a migraine. I realized how important it is to stay hydrated before, during and after exercising. With the heat making me sweat even more than usual I know I need to rehydrate my body. Since plain water doesn’t always sound great I will grab a vitaminwater (my fave!) at CVS pharmacy, which just happens to be less than a mile from my house!

Bonus for me and for you – right now you can purchase four smartwater, vitaminwater, Gold Peak and Honest Tea in any combination with your CVS ExtraCare card for $5 and receive $2 in ExtraBucks, good towards your next purchase (deal valid until July 25th). I love my CVS Extra Care card and use it every time I’m in the store.

4.) FitBit (or other fitness tracker)

I am a big believer that exercise doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. I don’t belong to a gym and I don’t believe you have to pay a bunch of money buying expensive equipment to get in shape. The only reason I even have a FitBit is because it was my gift for Mother’s Day. But I can tell you, I’m soooo glad I have it now. I set a goal of 7,500 steps a day and it tracks it for me. I never thought I would be so excited to hit my goal but I stop to do a little dance every time I reach it! It also tracks stairs, calories burned and sleep patterns. Love this thing!

5.) A Good Night’s Sleep

I feel like this is completely overlooked especially by people who are new to running or other types of strenuous exercise. I noticed right away if I didn’t get a good night’s sleep my run the next day did not go as well. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Now, I’m not a great sleeper. I’m a dreamer and a tosser/turner. Since I’m a writer and I get my most creative ideas at night, I often stay up late to finish assignments. But running has definitely made me a better sleeper, that’s for sure! I think my body knows it needs sleep because I’m gonna make it work the next day!


And there you have it! Five things I need to have a good run. I cannot wait to report back on how my first 5K goes. And to decide whether I’m gonna train for a 10K next! Wish me luck!

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Top 5 Apps for Car Owners

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
#FueltheLove #CollectiveBias

I’ve mentioned I drive a minivan before, yes? But have I mentioned I drive a 2005 Toyota minivan with 120,000 miles on it? Probably not. Because I’m not into details. At least, not when it comes to cars.

But there’s one thing I do know about cars – you have to get the oil changed. Not just once. But like, lots of times while you own it. If you choose not to, you will eventually wind up stalled out, smoke billowing out of the hood of your car while blocking rush hour traffic on a speedramp. I speak from experience here, people. That was not a fun day.

Thankfully, I learned my lesson (albeit, the hard way) and try to keep things organized on something I have with me at all times – my phone. And on my phone I have downloaded five apps that help me be a better car owner even though I know next to nothing about cars. Long live technology!

I thought I would share them with you here. You know, in case you’re not one of those people who can recall everything of importance in an instant while also dealing with screaming kids in the back of your car.

Top 5 Phone Apps for Car Owners | adayinmollywood.com

Top 5 Apps for Car Owners


1.) GasBuddy – Free to download this handy dandy little app will allow you to see where you can get gas at the cheapest price. Come on, coupon clippers. You know you want this one. (also has a pro version)

2.) MileWiz – As a small business owner this app is one of my favorites. If I’m driving to meet a client for a photo shoot I need to track my miles for tax purposes. This app logs each trip for me and is available on my phone and on my desktop! It allows me to set different drivers and different vehicles and it works if you’re driving a personal car or a company car.

3.) Scout – This is an intuitive GSP app with a very unique feature. You can “invite” friends to meet-up at a destination, chat with them in the app, see their estimated time of arrival and provide the most up-to-date maps to ensure everyone gets there safely and on time. This app works great for meetings of any kind, especially those with a lot of people coming from different places! I love the “search near me” link that gives you a list of whatever you’re looking for (ummmm coffee, duh!) and provides you with all the contact info.

4.) Vlingo – Texting and driving is just not cool, guys. But if you must send a text why not use the best voice to text app there is? With Vlingo you can text, send emails, search the web or make a phone call without having to use your hands!

5.) Pennzoil – This neat little app helps us track routine car maintenence like oil changes. I’m able to find where I can get an oil change and make the call right from the app to set an appointment! Thanks to this app I was able to find out I could get an oil change at our neighborhood Walmart Automotive Care Center.


Why would getting it at Walmart be important? Well, when you’ve got three kids with you and grocery shopping is also on your to-do list, it makes a heck of a lot more sense to stop at one place, am I right?

The auto care specialist recommended the Pennzoil High Mileage oil specifically for late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles. Aside from being happy about knocking TWO things off my list at the same time, I was also happy to learn that Pennzoil oil changes are on rollback from now until September 9th! Saving time and money? Can’t beat that!


I hope at least one of these apps helps you be a better car owner. I know I need all the help I can get in this department!

Prettify Your Pantry with These 3 Steps

Having an organized pantry is one thing – but having a pretty pantry? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story! If you are one of the lucky ones to have a pantry you probably stuff your food staples onto the shelves and don’t think about it again.

Or maybe you’re like me – a girl who wants to organize AND prettify her pantry.

I’ve seen some great ideas out there on the internet. I’ve also snooped in others’ pantries to find out how people manage their menu items. I have found that aside from organizing – DECORATING your pantry helps to make an even bigger change. I’ve partnered with The Maids to share my favorite ideas to do just that!

Organize and pretty up your pantry with three steps! | adayinmollywood.com

1. Work the Walls

If you’re organizing your pantry you’re going to have to take everything out anyway to get a nice fresh start. Why not go a step further and make those walls a work of art? There are many ways to do this. You could use your favorite paint color, temporary wallpaper (yes, it’s back in style) or my favorite, stencil a pattern right on the walls!


Pretty Pantry Make-Over with Stencils! | adayinmollywood.com
Originally seen on www.thehouseofsmiths.com

2. Don’t Ignore the Floor

Don’t stop at the pantry walls! I don’t think many people give much thought to their pantry floors. But giving them some attention will really add to the feel of the space. I like the idea of utilizing a rug, with a non-slip pad, of course. A pattern or color that complements your kitchen is key! And there are so many reasonably priced, smaller rugs that will work perfectly for this purpose.

Long, custom walk-in pantry with rug | adayinmollywood.com
Originally seen on www.kevinandamanda.com

3. Lock Eyes with Labels

Are you guilty of searching for an item when it was right in front of your face the whole time? ME TOO! One of the most important parts of organizing your pantry is being able to find things easily. Out of sight, out of mind! Labeling baskets and storage containers will save you valuable time. You could take it one step further and create beautiful labels that draw your eye in and make a statement! These labels don’t have to be expensive and can easily be made at home. You could buy them online, create your own or find downloadable, printable options online.

Pretty pantry labels | adayinmollywood.com
Originally seen on www.thesocialhome.blogspot.com

Follow these three steps and you’re sure to have the prettiest pantry out of everyone!

5 Deeeelicious Facts about Milk

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DairyPure Milk. All opinions are 100% mine.


I’ve always loved milk. From the time I was a little girl I drank it like crazy! I still have fond memories of my grandma fixing me some warm milk on the stove to help me fall asleep after having a bad dream.

I think I went through at least a gallon of milk every few days when I was pregnant with the boys. I was the crazy pregnant lady standing in the kitchen at midnight scarfing down a bowl of cereal because the cold milk just tasted soooo good! And don’t even get me started on how many milkshakes and bowls of ice cream I had. We’ll just not talk about it, mmmkay? But yes, milk and me, we’re buddies. Always have been. Always will be.

Did you know June is National Dairy Month? Because of this I thought I would share five deeeelicious facts about milk!

Five Delicious Facts About Milk! | adayinmollywood.com
1.) Milk contains minerals —calcium, potassium, and magnesium— which play an important role in managing a healthy blood pressure.

2.) Low-fat milk has the same nutrients as whole milk.

3.) Milk is an effective exercise recovery drink due to its powerful nutrient package that supplies the nutrition the body needs after a workout.

4.) It takes 10 pounds of milk to make a pound of cheese, 21 pounds of milk to make a pound of butter, and 12 pounds of milk to make a single gallon of ice cream.

5.) Fresh milk will stay fresher longer if you add just a *pinch* of salt to each quart.


As for my family, I love giving them DairyPure milk, which is the only milk backed by an exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise.


  • No artificial growth hormones (please note: no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non‐rbST‐treated cows.)
  • All  milk is tested for antibiotics
  • Continuously quality tested to ensure purity
  • Only from cows fed a healthy diet
  • Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy


Don’t forget to celebrate National Dairy Month before June is over! You can find DairyPure Recipe inspiration on Pinterest or visit DairyPure on Facebook for recipes from other bloggers! Click to Learn more about DairyPure and their Five-Point Purity Promise.

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One Whole Hand

Brigham turned five at the beginning of May! He is one whole hand!

I think part of the reason I haven’t written about him is because Brigham’s personality is SO BIG I often struggle to put this boy into words. There’s not one word that would really provide an accurate or fair description of who he is or who he is becoming.


He is kinda like a sweet and sour gummy bear. So sweet at times he makes my heart swell up 1,000 times the size it should be.


And yet so sour at times that I have to take a step back and stop myself from saying things that my mom used to say to me. And which I swore to everything holy I would never say when I became a mother. I’m eating my words.


I have tried not to say this, for fear I’m labeling him a bit too soon, but this child is exactly like me in so many ways.


His head is in the clouds half the time. I have no idea where he is. All I know is he’s having a blast while there.


He is clumsy yet somehow very athletic. If he has a new bruise I assume he has run into a wall again because he “didn’t see it there.”


He gets into dangerous situations because, well, he wanted to do the dangerous thing regardless of the consequences and so he’s going to do it and he’s going to insist there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he’s doing even though there totally is, OKAY MOM?

He is Dramatic – with a capital “D” of course.


He can make you laugh one minute and make you cry the next.


He loves his people fiercely and worries a lot (and I worry about him worrying too much. It’s a hard cycle to break!)

He is super smart. But he doesn’t want you to know so he will sometimes hide his intelligence.


He is more excited about going to kindergarten than any other kid I’ve ever met. Waiting his turn for anything is not his thing.

He smiles with his eyes and has the cutest freakin’ dimples I’ve ever seen.


He is an awesome singer and dancer.


He hates to go to sleep because he is so afraid he is going to miss something. I have tried to explain to him a billion times that everyone else will be asleep too. But he is convinced we are having an all-night party without him. In short, he suffers from #FOMO big time.

So, yes. Exactly like dear old mom. I know someday he will both love me and hate me for passing on so many of my traits to him.

From the moment I laid eyes on this boy I fell madly in love. Sometimes I just lay there beside him and thank my lucky stars that he is mine. My son. My Briggy D. My baby bear. He has so much potential to do amazing things with his wild imagination.

I just hope I can help lead him there.


Brigham is four

Brigham is three

Brigham is two

Brigham is one

Brigham is born