Cleaning Made Easier with a Printable Chore Chart

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I have a confession to make. I hate cleaning. Like, loatheeeee it. I think there are people out there who love it but I am not one of those people. When March hit everyone was talking about spring cleaning and I was just shaking my head because NO! It’s not that time again, is it?

The truth is – I really really need to clean this house. From top to bottom. We had a TON of sickness this past winter and the thought of getting all those leftover germs out of this house is refreshing. It’s the actual, ya know, getting it done thing that makes me feel overwhelmed.

I knew if I was going to conquer our 2,500 square foot house I would need a good plan for each room! So I created a simple printable Chore Chart that could help me track what needs to be cleaned and when I’m done with it.

Need some help getting started with cleaning and organizing? These printable chore charts are great for every room in the house! #WhenImHungry #Ad |

Now, here’s my other confession, which some people may think is kinda silly since I’m a mom in my thirties. But here it goes. I’m jealous that my sons have sticker charts.


Whenever they go above and beyond to help out we give them a sticker. When they fill it up they get to go pick out a toy. I mean, what about me?! Don’t I deserve some stars for my hard work too?! I think so!

You know what always helps me accomplish a task? Incentives. If I know there is something amazing waiting for me at the end of a chore – I will get ‘er done so I can enjoy my reward.  I decided that each time I finish a room I am going to have a yummy snack! 

And in this case, it just happens to be my favorite chocolate bar – SNICKERS® with a little bit of coffee. I don’t know about you but if a SNICKERS doesn’t make you want to finish scrubbing the sink then I don’t know what will! I can’t get my work done #WhenImHungry can you?

Reward Yourself #WhenImHungry #Ad |

There are actually two pages to the printable chore chart. I wanted to list each area of our house that needed cleaned. I even put “outdoor” on there because our deck and flower beds need some serious work.

You can download a PDF of the Chore Chart and print it off so you can check off the stars and reward yourself for finishing tasks too. It feels so good to check those little stars off!


I shop for all my cleaning supplies at Dollar General since they have such great prices. And before I left I was able to pick up my SNICKERS® Almond bar right as I was checking out.

SNICKERS bar at Dollar General #WhenImHungry #Ad

So what about you – do you use a chore chart? Do you give yourself a reward for accomplishing a big task?

You can find more SNICKERS® fun below!

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In which my daughter does not take my advice

I knew it would happen sooner or later. I would have a one on one talk with my daughter. And she would completely ignore the advice I gave her.

In this case, I told her not to grow up. It’s a trap. You have to like, pay bills and other not-so-fun things. You have to call plumbers sometimes. And do dishes and laundry. Lame.

She looked me in the eye while I was talking. So I totally thought she was listening. Turns out she was not.


She is growing up regardless of the fact that I told her NOT TO. I told her it would be better if she stayed tiny and cuddled up next to me all the time. My arms are the best place for her, after all.


But instead she’s outgrowing all of her little clothes. Girl’s got some crazy hair coming in too. I told her that the peach fuzz was so much easier to work with. Once again, she ignored me.

The nerve of this girl!


I can only assume this is the first of many talks where she will decide not to take her mother’s advice.


I really wish she would have listened to me. Our darling girl is getting so big.

But I guess we’ll just have to follow her lead on this whole growing up thing. She’s pretty good at it already.

The truth about those (dreaded!) sponsored blog posts

Today I’m going to discuss a hot topic in the blog world – sponsored posts.

Last month I conducted a reader survey. The last time I asked for my readers’ thoughts and opinions was in 2011. So I thought it was time I figured out who is reading my blog. I also wanted to find out why you are reading and what you might like to see more or less of in this space.

In 2010 I did what’s known in blogland as a “rebrand.” I moved from blogger to wordpress, changed my name and got serious about doing what I love most – writing stories.

During the next couple of years a lot of amazingness happened here. Awesome opportunities came my way but more importantly, I wrote some of my favorite stories. Stories that came straight from my heart. I wasn’t doing it to make money, although I admit that would have been nice. I was doing it because I am passionate about storytelling. I come alive when I write.

I’ve been blogging for over eight years and I’ve done a few sponsored posts here and there. It wasn’t until the end of last year when I felt a pull to try harder at making money while blogging. I started following other bloggers who were successful at making money online. Some of them I was blown away with what they’ve been able to accomplish in their online spaces.

I read a story about a mom who was homeless. Her husband left and she was living in a homeless shelter with her kids. Now she is making a living through her very successful blog, helping other women live a better life. I mean, God bless her! She has worked so hard and it paid off in big ways.

Obviously, that is not my story. But I truly believe you get out what you put in. Isn’t that the truth with just about everything in life?

Wanna know the truth about those sponsored blog posts you read? Or are you a blogger looking for encouragement when writing sponsored content? Then you need to read this STAT! |
So in January I started another rebrand – which is the blog you see now. My mission on this blog is to encourage you to thrive when motherhood gets messy. And I’m not just talking about spilled milk here. I’m talking about the bigger messes inside of us that motherhood often create. The ones that cause us to feel alone in our journeys.

During this rebrand I gave myself a personal challenge – if I could increase my pageviews I might be able to make more money for my family. Other bloggers were doing it successfully – why not me? I wanted to give it a try.

As a blogger, I walk a fine line between staying authentic to myself and this space while also making extra money for my family. I receive offers to write sponsored blog posts every single day – and I want you to know – I turn down most of them. Either because they just don’t fit with the mission of my blog or I don’t have the time to write them.

If you read here you have probably noticed more sponsored content. I realize it can be offputting to see that dreaded disclosure before a post. In fact, you may see it and click away. And I totally get that. I do. I used to be like that – clicking away because blech, they are being paid to say that.

But then I realized that bloggers have just as much right to make money as any other profession out there.

I wanted to be a writer from the time I was a young girl. Until recently, I never knew how to make that happen for myself because I live in an area where there aren’t a lot of opportunities for writers. So I decided to create my own opportunity – just like millions of other entrepreneurs out there!

I’ll be the first to tell you it hasn’t been easy. Every time I publish something I’ve been compensated to write – I end up feeling a bit guilty.


Why should I, or any blogger for that matter, feel guilty for trying to figure out a way to bring income into their family?

Yes, I understand that some posts can come across as shilling a product. But my philosophy is to share my stories and thoughts with my readers. Just because it has a disclosure before it doesn’t mean I don’t mean what I’m writing.

And for those that aren’t bloggers – please understand the companies and brands don’t want us to simply sell their product. Most of them desire us to be forthcoming and many don’t even want a “product review” anymore. They want stories. I happen to love that. The brands who give me the freedom to write from my heart, well, those have been my favorite ones with which to work.

On my reader survey, some did say they hate sponsored blog posts and won’t read them. I completely understand. I really do. But I’m done feeling guilty because I want to be paid for the time I spend writing. My time, just like your time, is valuable. I honestly don’t have a lot of it and I work hard (and stay up really late) to try to provide great content for the brands who have hired me.

But most of all, to try to provide some great stories for you, my readers. You’re the reason I continue to write. Your support and feedback is what has kept me writing here for eight years – and counting!


Stitch Fix #5 | The Gotta-Have-it Pair of Jeans

I was so looking forward to receiving my latest stitch fix. Probably because the last one was so awesome that I kept all five pieces! I started receiving monthly fixes at the beginning of this year. I figured as long as I have minimal time to shop for myself I might as well have it shipped right to my front door!

This time I got brave and decided to request a specific item based on a review from one of my amazing blog friends. The way she described the fit of these jeans had me craving my own pair! So I was delighted when my stylist Kelli included them as part of my fix.

Alright, let’s get to my review!

1. Mavi Freida Ankle Length Skinny Jean
2. Papermoon Floria Split Back Knit Top

mavi freida skinny jean

These jeans, guys. These are the gotta-have-it jeans. I’m serious. My blog friend said in her review they were “like butter” and I had to know exactly what butter jeans would feel like on my legs. So I specifically requested them and I am so glad I did. I cringed at the price tag of $98. That’s wayyyy over my comfort zone for any piece of clothing. Really anything over $50 makes me sweat. But once I had them on I couldn’t take them off. I have never loved a pair of jeans as much as these Mavi jeans! HIT

The lightweight sweater was an instant win with me as well. I wore both of these items as soon as I took them out of the box and got so many compliments on them. I love the surprise element of the split top back! HIT

3. Skies are Blue Allissa Embroidery Knit Top

allissa embroiderty knit top

I wasn’t a huge fan of this from the get-go. It was quite comfy and I love blue but it felt like something I would wear while I’m pregnant. I sent this back. MISS

4. Olive & Oak Arynn Tie-Back Chevron Print Tank

arynn tie back chevron print tank

Loved, loved, loved this shirt. I felt pretty saucy in it, I’ll admit. I didn’t think I would but once I had it on it felt and looked amazing. I knew it would be good for summer months too. Where they lost me was the high price for a very light weight shirt. Nope. I couldn’t bring myself to keep it. Especially after buying the expensive jeans! I would have kept it if not for the price tag. Gah, I hate being reasonable sometimes!

5. Gilli Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress

sina v-neck printed maxi dress

I loved this dress. It was my style and the fit was perfect – with the exception of the length. I put on my highest heels and it still scraped the floor. Huge bummer! I was hoping to wear it with flats this summer so I decided to send this back. However, short people, there is reason to rejoice! Stitch Fix just announced PETITE fixes. YAY! That way, when I request a maxi dress for my next fix I can tell them I need the shorter length. I’m a happy shortie!

p.s. they also just announced they will be doing maternity fixes. This doesn’t apply to me because, ahem, we’re done. But hey, all you cute pregnant people can now order a fix while you’re sporting a bump!

Dollar General Boy’s Easter Basket for less than $15!

I love celebrating holidays – especially now that we have kids. It makes it so much more fun to see their eyes light up on the morning of a special holiday.

What I don’t love, however, is all the money we spend to try to make them happy. I would prefer the focus be on the actual REASON for the holiday.

For Easter we were typically spending more than $50 per child not including a new outfit for church! Now that we have three kids to buy for, well, I was not about to spend $150 to fill their Easter baskets. No way! It’s just not necessary.

I decided to head to Dollar General to see if I could fill the boys’ baskets for under $20.

Challenge Accepted!

I didn’t want to fill them up with candy – yes, a little of that would be included – but I wanted to find other fun things too!

Wire basket – $1.50 each
Easter grass – $1.50 (1 bag split)
Toothbrush – $5.00 each
Chocolate bunnies – $.50 each
Pez dispenser – $1.00 each
Kite – $1.00 each
Playpacks with crayons – $2.00 each
Sports eggs with candy – $3.50 (1 bag split)

Grand total for each Easter basket – $13.00

Looking to save money on Easter Basket for your little boy? Find everything you need at Dollar General for less than $15. Click the photo to see a price list! |

Not too shabby, eh? I plan on making little tags with their names. I also bought a pink wire basket for Sawyer but I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to put in it! She is 14-months-old and would probably be happy just to play with the fake grass! But I’ll figure something out I’m sure.

I know our boys will be so happy with these baskets and bonus that they didn’t cost us an arm and a leg!


I found all of this at Dollar General but my guess is Dollar Store, Dollar Tree and Big Lots would have similar options.

Happy Shopping!