32 Weeks Pregnant

The bump:

I’m 32 weeks pregnant, folks. 32 Weeks!!! I can’t believe that this journey will be over soon. Right now I am trying my best to enjoy it.  ALL of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. After all, all three of those happen during pregnancy. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced the ugly more times than I want this past week. On Sunday I had a bad headache, which is pretty unusual for me as I rarely get headaches. On Monday I figured out why . . . I came down with a nasty cold and of course couldn’t take anything worth a darn to get rid of the congestion.

On Monday night I noticed that my neck was getting stiff. This is never a good sign. It was five years ago this month that I was involved in a car accident and sustained severe whiplash. I suffered a soft tissue injury to my neck. Subsequently the discs in my C4 and C5 vertebrae sometimes bulge out if I do too much. We had showings last Saturday and Sunday so I was cleaning for two days straight prior to the weekend. I guess that did it! I have been in excruciating pain ever since Monday night. I was laid up in bed on Tuesday with the heating pad. There wasn’t much else I could do. Usually I would take a muscle relaxer or anti-inflammatory. But those are both a no no during pregnancy. So as my OB said, try to grin and bear it. Seriously? Grin? I don’t think so. Oh, how ironic that saying would turn out to be. Because yesterday was our maternity photo shoot!

The weather was perfect. Sunny and 64 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. And since I knew snow was in the forecast I decided not to reschedule and “grin and bear it” just as the doctor had suggested. In hindsight it was probably a bad idea to go ahead with it. I was in so much pain yesterday that I almost threw up. It effects my entire right neck and shoulder with pain shooting down my arm and into my fingers. But we all got dressed and ready and went out on the shoot anyway. Honestly, I don’t know how good the photos will turn out. The photographer tried her best and she was so nice but Landon just did not want anything to do with having his picture taken yesterday. Naaman and I didn’t get as many shots together as I wanted because he was having to chase Landon all over the park! The photog told me she would let me know if she got enough good ones and if not we can do a mini shoot to make up for yesterday.

I wanted it to be fun but what with Landon’s meltdown and my pain level I’m not sure they’ll turn out that great. The sneak peek should be up in a week or two and I will share it here (if it’s good). We’ve never used this photographer but the photos on her blog are wonderful so maybe she will surprise us! She did say our son looks like the actor Macaulay Culkin when he was a child star and super cute. Bonus points for her. Yeah, he’s pretty darn cute whether he smiles or not ;)

My neck and arm feel a bit better this morning. Hopefully the worst is over and I can finally get back to normal again.

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. Mrs EyeCanSee says

    I don't have any personal experience with Darbi G…but I fell in love with the photos on her website. Unfortunately I didn't love the price…call me cheap, but I could justify it. I'm really happy for who we are going with though. Can't wait to see your pics, I am sure they will be amazing!

    PS Thanks for the tip. I'm not too proud to hit up Bob Evans now and again!!

  2. Lara + Chris says

    Darbi G could be considered expensive, I guess, but wow – totally worth it! You can't put a price on amazing photography, IMHO.

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