36 Weeks Pregnant

The bump @36 weeks, 1 day:



Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy . . . we’re getting close people! And I’m getting excited. Excited to welcome our baby boy into this world and into our family. Excited to see what he will look like and act like. Excited for Naaman to meet his second son and for Landon to meet his little brother. It’s an exciting time here in our household.

I am still having contractions, some more painful at times, but it’s nothing that could be considered regular or time-able. And truthfully, I usually don’t have time to stop what I’m doing in order to let it pass. I’m much too busy chasing after our energetic toddler. Seriously, unless he is sleeping he does.not.stop.moving! Another thing that I am excited about for the new baby. Lots of chest to chest cuddles without him squirming out of my arms ; ) Oh, how I miss those newborn baby snuggles.

My back is crazy painful but I kind of expected that. I meant to post this update earlier today but we had an unexpected showing for the house and let me tell you . . . cleaning is just so difficult these days. You know it’s going to be a long day when your back is killing you by 10 a.m.! But it’s all worth it and I just keep telling myself . . .  not much longer, Molly, and look at the miracle you get at the end.

Naaman and I visited the new hospital where I will deliver this time. I think it’s safe to say that we will have an awesome experience here. I feel like we’re in very good hands. I talked to the maternity care coordinator concerning some things that bothered me about the hospital where I delivered Landon and she was quite baffled at some of the things I said. Long story short, she said that those things will not happen at this hospital. And I feel very confident that they won’t.

Since it’s the same hospital where Naaman works we swung by to meet his coworkers. They were all so nice especially his bosses. I suppose I better bring a nice housecoat as they’ll all probably show up to visit us on their breaks!

We also had our breastfeeding class. Out of about 20 women I was the only second-time mom, which made me feel a bit strange. But man I feel so much better about breastfeeding this time. I just didn’t know some of the things I know now . . . not saying this guarantees me an easy ride by any means. But at least this time I am armed with experience and knowledge. I truly hope with all my heart that it works but if it doesn’t it will not be for lack of trying!

Not much going on around the house to get ready. At this time we are still in our 2 bedroom home and therefore there is no nursery to decorate. Although I am still a bit bummed about it I know this is for the best. We will be putting a separate changing table in our master bedroom and it has plenty of room for some canvas bins to store all of baby B’s newborn goodies. He will sleep in the mini cosleeper that will attach to our bed. But we won’t be bringing that upstairs until May 1st, when our house temporarily goes off the market.

My mom came over and we went through the tubs of newborn clothing that I saved from Landon’s infancy. Oh my goodness, the memories just came flooding back! It’s amazing how with every little outfit I picked up I remembered a moment in time when Landon wore it. I thought I would cry but instead I found myself sporting an ear to ear grin. I guess it’s starting to feel more real. Yes, I know, I’m 36 weeks pregnant and it still has yet to fully sink in that in less that 30 days we’ll be bringing baby B home.

And one last note . . . I am super excited for tomorrow. My sister and my mom planned a little girls day for me at a local salon and spa. All throughout this pregnancy I have told them that I do not want any type of shower. It just felt inappropriate to me seeing as how I just had three amazing showers for Landon like, um, five minutes ago, haha! I’m not saying it’s bad if others want to have a shower for their second baby but for me it’s just not something that I wanted.

But . . . this is actually perfect. It will be two of my best friends, my mom and sister and my aunt. We’ll just hang out, have lunch and get pretty together! It sounds so relaxing right now and I need a pedicure in the worst way. So I’ll let you know how it goes.

And now I must go attempt to shave my legs in order to shimmy into my maternity swimsuit . . . it could get dangerous since I can’t see below my belly. If I don’t blog again someone please alert the cops ;)

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. jenni says

    1. You look adorable! Beautiful belly, mama =)

    2. I can't believe you're 36 weeks. When did that happen? I mean really… when?

    3. I'm glad you like your new hospital and that you feel better about BFing this time! I hope everything works out just the way you want!

    4. I am so jealous of your spa day! It sounds wonderful!!!

    Okay, I think that's it =)

  2. annie says

    this was a spunky little update. Nice to "see" you getting excited. It's such a fun stretch at the end knowing it's really happening.
    Spa day sounds really nice. I'm sure you're toes look great now. My mom painted my toenails a couple days before my c-section. ;)

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