Apparently, the Breastfeeding Gods Hate Me

After 4 weeks of taking antibiotics to get rid of the staph infection in my breast . . . I now have thrush! Lovely. Just lovely.

Because I was in so much pain from the incisions where they drained the abscesses I really wasn’t paying attention to any other pain. But after those pains subsided I noticed a burning, stinging sensation below both of my breasts after nursing. One night it was so bad that it brought tears to my eyes. I finally got on a breastfeeding support forum and did a search for the word “burning” and yep, up popped the symptoms of thrush. Yuck.

The antibiotics took away all the good bacteria as well as the bad causing a yeast infection in both of my breasts AND in Brigham’s mouth. Apparently we just pass it back and forth between one another.

After a visit to the pediatrician’s office they confirmed that Brigham does have thrush. I rushed over to my OB’s office where they confirmed that the yeast infection had already moved into my milk ducts where it’s more difficult to get rid of.

So here I go with another round of antibiotics for two weeks and I also have to give Brigham liquid in his mouth four times a day. Can I just tell you how much he loves that? Yeah, um, not so much!

The only good thing that came out of this is that we got to weigh Brigham at his appointment. I was prepared to hear that he hadn’t gained much weight due to all of our complications. I almost fell on the floor when they told me he is 9 lbs, 5 oz!!! He was 6 lbs 14 oz when we were discharged from the hospital six weeks ago. That is over a TWO POUND GAIN already!!! After everything I’ve been through I was so happy I almost cried.

I’m glad that I got that good news because at least I know that no matter how many problems we’re having, Brigham is getting plenty of mama’s milk! And no, I’m still not going to quit! I have to believe that breastfeeding will again be enjoyable soon!

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. Alysha says

    stick with it girlie! You can do it! You are doing an amazing job! So many people would have already given up by now! :) Prayers for yoU!

  2. Christina says

    Hi. I am a new reader, but I had to comment. I had thrush twice with my son. Something that helped me was cleaning my breasts with a vinegar/water mixture after each nursing and letting them dry. At night when he wouldn't nurse, I would spray them with Lotrimin. I would always wash it off before nursing again. And the 4 times I got mastitis, I always did this to prevent thrush since I was on antibiotics.
    Good luck! I was hardcore with clearing up the thrush since it can be very stubborn.

  3. Kristal says

    Oh Molly, I am so sorry! Ditto Christina regarding vinegar. It will help you get rid of thrush bettter than most anti fungals. Wash your breasts with it, put some in the rinse cycle of every load of laundry, and boil any bottle or pump parts in it after every single use. You can also try taking a probiotic to counteract the antibiotic and introduce all the good bacteria back into your system. Yeast is extremely difficult to get rid of, so you have to be vigilant. Man, I wish I lived closer to you and could come help you out. :( I can't imagine dealing with the infection, thrush, and two little boys. Hang in there mama.

  4. annie says

    I have no advice or directions for you. Sorry your breastfeeding experience has been so full of drama! I am very impressed that you're sticking with it. I know I would want to give up if I were you. So I just wanted to tell you that; very impressive sticking to it. You're a devoted mama.

  5. jenni says

    Oh Mol, I'm so sorry :( Good for you for sticking with it mama! I hope it becomes enjoyable VERY soon!

  6. Cyn says

    Molly, you CAN get rid of it!!! Google thrush and Diflucan. It's the pill you take one for a vaginal yeast infection, but there is a study (at least nine years ago there was one, there may be more now)that says one pill A DAY for two weeks (I think it was) will clear it up. I fought it continually with all my kids and this did the trick. With my first I was on and off Diflucan for a year. I had to get a bunch of documentation for my insurance company to cover the off-label use, but please give it a try before you give up.

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