If you didn’t get your fill of voting on Nov. 2nd

Then you can vote for this here blog on The Bump’s 2nd Annual Mommy Blog Awards! Yep, that’s right, my lovely readers nominated A Day in Mollywood for the Best Working Mom Blog. And guess what?


First of all, I’d like to thank the people who liked my blog enough to nominate me. Seriously, it has always been enough just receive comments. Comments make my day! But this? This spins me right round like a record, baby.

Second of all, I don’t think there are any limits to how many times you can vote a day so if you’re bored and you feel like giving your mouse and finger a workout today then head on over here and get to clickin’.

Third, I’d just like to say that I know I probably won’t win the grand prize (an iPad, eeeeeek!). In fact, I’m already losing! But that doesn’t matter. I feel honored to be in the same company as the other working mom blogs, many of which I read. To see my blog’s name in the same list as the others is enough for me!

Being a working mom is so difficult sometimes. I certainly don’t have the secret for success. But I find if I accept that there will be bad days and good days it’s much easier to take my two kiddos to daycare and leave knowing I’m making the best choices for my family at this time.

Besides, the hugs I get from Landon and the smiles I get from Brigham after a long day’s work are all I need to tell me I’m doing a fine job at this working mommy gig.

Click the button to vote for me!


  1. Anna says

    I voted! I’m gonna keep the page up and just go click vote over and over for a while each time I sit down at the desk. I want you to get that ipad!

  2. says

    Consider yourself voted for, and I will try and do it every day!! Good luck girl!!

    I would love to meet up when we come through KC next! I’ll let you know when that may be. :)

    Have a great weekend!!

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