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This was me. One year ago. I was 36 weeks pregnant with Baby B (anyone remember that, lol?). Looking at this photo is so surreal. I cannot fathom that my second son was in there. At this point I assumed I would be pregnant for at least another month. But Brigham had other plans. Two short weeks later he would decide he was ready to make his grand entrance.

Looking at this photo floods my brain with amazing memories of the beauty of pregnancy. And with Brigham’s first birthday quickly approaching I find myself really missing this stage of life. The anticipation of giving birth is like nothing else. Nothing could compare to that special little combination of excitement and fear of the unknown.

On one hand I cannot believe it has already been a year. It went by lightening fast. But on the other hand it feels like it has been ages since I’ve felt a full-sized baby roll around in my belly. Please forgive me as I write this. But I miss it. I miss being pregnant. Don’t get all excited. No baby plans on the horizon at all. I didn’t expect to feel this way considering we’re supposed to be done. D-O-N-E . . . DONE. But I’m always honest on my blog. To say I’m not mourning that part of my life being over would be a lie.

So there it is. One of my last belly photos.


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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. says

    DO IT!!! Have another one, lol. We can be PG together for the THIRD time. You already know my plan ;)

    You look gorgeous darling. And even though I know I want another one… I also know that I am NOT ready yet. Looking at the picture (and my mat pics from Brynn) just make my belly ache. OUCH.
    jenni from the blog recently posted..Y3W The state of the bathroom

  2. says

    Mine is 12 years old and I still long for another. It always amazes me when I hear people say they never want to be pregnant again. I loved the feeling.

    But if you want another do it… I was going to have another but then it wasn’t the right time, & then later wasn’t the right time either & then before I knew it she is 12 and I am 35 years old. I can’t imagine starting over now but gosh – I would I love to.
    Cindy recently posted..Wowzers!

  3. kim says

    What a beauitful belly!! As a mom of 3, the last two only 15 months apart .. . I say :) And we said we were done w/ the second. (then, literally 2 hours after her birth I said, “We’re so doing this again!) 4 years later, with no way to have another babe, I crave being pregnant again. Really. And am beyond sad that I won’t give birth again. So . . . I’m probably biased. 3 is chaotic, but an adventure!
    kim recently posted..What Must The Neighbors Think

  4. says

    Gosh I miss being pregnant too. At the end I was miserable and huge, but I miss that baby rolling around in there….. Isn’t it fun to have these pictures to look back at?! :)

  5. says

    I really, really loved being pregnant too, and always miss it when it’s over… and though in my previous married life I thought I was “done” after two, I too, also REALLY want another one now… but I’m going to have to find myself a new husband first… I’m really hoping it works out that way! I think you should go for it one more time too. ;)
    Kimberly recently posted..On Loss and Strength part 2

  6. says

    What a beautiful bump! :) I loved being pregnant and miss it at times, too. But… I also know that I can wait because newborns are a lot of work and I really enjoy my sleep.

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