my lovely lady lumps

Let’s talk boobs, shall we?

Specifically my right boob. You know, the one that grew two MRSA-filled abscesses right after I gave birth to Brigham.

I was reminded of this only because yesterday I had to make a visit to my lady parts doctor. I think that’s their official title, no? And each time I get my annual exam they also do a breast check. Not the fun kind. The important kind.

Whilst doing the check she (and I) was reminded of that awful problem I had last year because the scars are very obvious. Back in June 2010 I asked how this could have happened as it seemed I had the worst luck EVER with trying to breastfeed my sons. I was told by the surgeon that I have very cystic breast tissue. The abscesses most likely started as cysts that were already formed in my breast. When I began to breastfeed Brigham, I had the usual sore/cracked nipples and they said the staph infection got in through the open spots. The infection found the cysts, made a home and became a major pain in the ass breast.

I am not lying when I tell you that recovering from having those abscesses drained was worse than recovering from giving birth to a 7 lb, 3 oz baby. Way worse.

But I digress. My doctor finished the breast exam and recommended I look into getting an early mammogram. I told her my insurance wouldn’t cover it unless I was 35-years-old AND have a family history of breast cancer. I thought I still had 2.5 years to wait. But then she told me that if she recommends one, insurance won’t make me pay.

So I said – well are you recommending I get one?

Her answer? What do you think?

My answer? But I’m skeeeeered.

I think every woman cringes when they hear the word mammogram. And I’m not trying to make light of a very serious topic. My maternal grandmother died from breast cancer at a very young age. And my mom has had a couple cancer scares since then. I know it’s nothing to mess around about. I know I have higher risk factors. But I’m only 32. It can’t happen to me, right?

WRONG. I know I’m wrong. I’m also not stupid. Early detection is leading the way to higher breast cancer survival rates!

I will need to call to get myself an appointment to have my breasts smushed between pieces of cold hard plastic. But if it can potentially save my life then bring on the smushing!!!

does she look scared to you?

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p.s. don’t worry, mom. It’s just to be on the safe side =)

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.
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  1. says

    I had one done a few years ago, when I was just 27, after finding a lump. i promise it really wasn’t that bad. And not sure if you read my blog back then, about my bestie who had stage 3 breast cancer at age 27—-please get it done for peace of mind, if nothing else. It’s worth the squishing!
    julia recently posted..Grief

  2. Jessica says

    I had one in December, as soon as I stopped breastfeeding my baby. While I was pregnant my mom was diagnosed and had a mastectomy, and her sister had gone through three bouts of cancer before finally have a double mastectomy. I was only 32 and had no problems with my insurance. And after the exam, I really couldn’t understand why people make such a big deal about it. Of course it’s not the way you would WANT to spend ten minutes of your life, but it’s not horrible. At all.

  3. says

    I had to have a mammogram at 19–three different techs refused to perform the mammogram on me because they said that the risks associated with the mammogram were to high compared to the risk that someone my age had breast cancer. I had to seriously FIGHT for my mammogram (which is kind of funny because like you, I didn’t really want to have one in the first place). But I’m glad that I was assertive because I did have a tumor, and I didn’t find out until I was in recovery from surgery eight months later that it was benign. Moral of the story–be ASSERTIVE about your health care!
    Meredith recently posted..Much Needed Girls Night Hawaiian Tropic House Party

  4. says

    I got my first mammogram at 28 because of family history. My mom (at 47) had it as well as her aunt, who died in her early 50s from it when I was a baby. Yes, it’s a little uncomfortable, but it’s quick. I think the stress leading up to getting it and then waiting for results is much worse. I had a fibrocystic lump removed at age 33, and lost a friend at age 28 who was diagnosed at 24. My mom is now 70, and although it came back in her bones in 2006, she is on a weekly “maintenance” chemo (my term for keeping the cancer at bay) and has no plans to go anywhere anytime soon. This is just another one of those things you have to do to take care of yourself – for you and your family!
    Suze recently posted..While Mom Was Away

  5. says

    I have had a mammogram for issues with cysts as well, and I promise you that it truly is not that bad. Think of a guy who thinks that breasts are more of knob-turners, but in the smooshing kind. Yeah…that. Not terrible, just awkward. Good luck!
    Molly @Mallaidh recently posted..Jack- 17 Months

  6. says

    Wanna know something weird…my neighbor was pregnant with baby #5 and found out that she had breast cancer after she started BFing. She thought and her doctor thought it was just blocked ducts but she went with her gut and asked for a mammogram. That mammogram? Saved her life.
    Sure it’s not a pleasant thing to get. I think it would be a lot easier doing that then getting that duck billed metal majig thing rammed in your hoo ha.
    Much love and hugs.

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