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It was a short work week for me with the holiday. But it makes it really hard to go back after my 4-day weekend. I have been feeling very blah and anti-social at work lately. So much so that I go pick something up for lunch by myself and eat it in my car. Alone. In peace. It sucks sharing a tiny office with 2 other people.


When I picked the boys up after work on Wednesday I could tell Brigham felt warm. By Thursday morning his temp was 102 so that meant no daycare for the boys and no work for mama. I could have asked my mom to help out but I just felt an aching in my heart to take care of my sick baby myself! Look at his sad little sick and sweaty face!


Of course staying home prompted a quick run to the drive-thru donut store down the street! I think these places exist in heaven. At least in MY vision of heaven they do.


I am just glad we didn’t live down the street from this place during my pregnancies! I ate this ginormous twisty donut in one setting and of course felt like crap afterward. There is a price to pay for such tastiness.


Here is Landon enjoying his sprinkle donut. This is usually what I order. He takes after me! And no, I don’t normally feed my toddler donuts for breakfast. It was a lazy day.


My mood quickly went sour when I realized that one of the kitchen cabinets in our brand new house had split from bottom to top. I immediately called our agent and found out that this is what that construction warranty is for. Thank God as I was not a happy homeowner.


For snack time we had fresh strawberries and string cheese. We’re classy like that.


Then Landon played play-doh in his undies. I asked if he would put his pants back on and he seemed highly offended that I would suggest such a thing. I am now schooled on the fact that playing with play-doh can only be done sans pants.


Continuing the classy foods theme we had spaghetti & meatballs for dinner. Frozen meatballs from target. Have you ever had them? Then don’t judge me. They’re scrumptious.


It was 95 degrees on Saturday with terrible humidity. Naaman bought the boys this little pool and they splashed about all afternoon. Our neighborhood is still so new that the pool has yet to be built. We’re hoping the clubhouse and pool will be done for next summer!

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