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This was supposed to be auto-posted on Sunday. FAIL.
It’s late but I’m posting it anyway.


We picked up the ikea shelf I found on craigslist.
I’m currently deciding how to dress it up!

We went to my favorite place (otherwise known as Target) to do some shopping. I decided to stop and have a snack with my boys. Salty pretzels with cheese. nom nom nom. And both my boys were so well-behaved at the store. Color me happy.

I love this face.


I’m trying to get organized. The calendar hasn’t been put up yet but the weekly menu board is up and as you can see is actually being used! I’m so proud.

Cayenne-rubbed chicken and grilled zucchini! It was yummy. Thanks to Suzanne (one of my blogher roomies!) for blogging the recipe.

His belly is getting bigger by the day.

I went to the cemetery to visit my friend. I wish I could go visit her anywhere else but here. She always made me laugh and I need to laugh right now. I put purple flowers on her grave. She loved purple. After calling many psychiatrists that day who could not see me for months I was scared. So I asked her if she could keep an eye on my situation and see if I could get an appointment sooner than 2 weeks.

Wouldn’t ya know it? My psychiatrist called the very next day with a cancellation. I went to see him 20 minutes later and I am now armed with new meds so I can get back to being happy! Thank you, Amy.

I also had a therapy appointment after over a month of not seeing her. It felt good to be back on that sofa again.

Later that night I self-medicated with chocolate chip cookies. An essential part of depression if you ask me.

Another essential part of depression? Chopping your hair off. I like it wavy!

I painted landon’s room again. This was the third coat if you’re keeping track. Are you as sick of hearing about this orange paint as I am of painting it? Nevermind, that’s not possible.


This was my grandmother’s writing desk and it has been passed down to me. I have big plans for this little desk. They include sanding, spray paint and new knobs. I keep reading on home decor blogs to fill your house with meaningful items. This is very meaningful.

link up at Amy’s blog!

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. says

    So glad you got in to see your psychiatrist! I was so frustrated for you that you were going to have to wait! Also, cute hair. I don’t think men understand how much a new haircut can lift spirits. My DH just kind of looks at me confused when I get bored with my hair. He’s had the same haircut since he was 13.

    Soft pretzels & chocolate chip cookies are excellent self-medicaters. I just finished the last of our frozen pretzels yesterday and am now twitchy for some more. I really want to try making my own…maybe I will try that tomorrow when I’m off.

  2. says

    Two things: Yes, chocolate chip cookies are essential to feeling better. And? So is cutting your hair. It’s like cutting the hair cuts the dead weight so you can feel better.

    I also can’t wait to see what you do with that desk.
    Miranda recently posted..Second Shift

  3. kim says

    That chicken looks delish — you did say you were posting the recipie, yes? I’m happy to read youn went to the psych and therapist. Nothing is better than a good therapy session and the correct meds for you. I also swear by self medication via chocolate in whatever form works for you. There’s a Friendly’s on the way home from my therapist. They have a mocha coffee chip ice cream sundae that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. We should totally get in on one of those together someday.
    kim recently posted..A Bitter- Yet Oh So Sweet Day

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