Steppin’ Out Saturday {6.11.11}

Or Sunday. Whichever.

I stepped out today to go check out a new church. I promised myself that I would find a church and start attending on the regular. A month and a half later – I still haven’t gone.

I went to a church down the street and truth be told I wasn’t all that impressed. I know this might sound petty but I need the music at the church to be good. Like, really good. Music has been a huge part of my life and I also believe it to be a large part of what connects me to my spirituality. I can’t explain it but I never feel closer to God than when I am singing his praises. Can I get an amen?! So the choir has to be good. And this one just wasn’t. So I guess I’m still church shopping until further notice.


Gosh, do I look happy or what . . . NOT. I bought the dress a month ago and it is already too big for me. I feel like I’m swimming in it so I will not be wearing it again. Also the pasty white vampire skin is courtesy of German & Swiss genetics. You know, in case you were wondering how I managed to look like a vampire. But good news is I hear vampires are in style right now.


The shoes are the best part. I don’t know if you tell but they are jelly shoes for adults! Who remembers jelly shoes? I actually found these at a trade show for women. My coworker alerted me to their cuteness and I couldn’t believe how comfy they were. They are from a local shop called Trendz Market in Kansas City. It’s a really neat concept because it’s like a bunch of different boutiques all in one store.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t step foot in a trendy store like this but at the trade show it was much less intimidating. I cannot believe I am intimidated by trendy stores. I used to consider myself somewhat of a fashionista. Now? I am so not fashionable. But there is still the desire to buy cool stuff from cool stores.

p.s. I got my hair cut. It’s short and I like it.

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. says

    adorable shoes. love them. want them. ;)
    I’ll be praying for you to find the perfect church for your family. My church friends are there for me at every turn while my hubby is out to sea. Worship is my passion, as I’m sure you know. Trust me, awesome Praise music is out there! Keep up the search.

  2. says

    Same person. If the music isn’t good? I can’t get down. And if the preacher is all in blue jeans and a ratty t-shirt? Nope. Not happening for me. That was fine when I was in college ministry and high school youth group, but not now.

    I’m picky. And my child is likely going to be a heathen because he’s NEVER been in a church. Wait. He has. But he was 2 months old.

    Love the dress and the shoes!
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