Brigham at 18-months

I'm a big boy now!

Brigham is 18-months-old now. Halfway to two. Can you believe it?! If I used only one word to describe our Brigham it would definitely be silly. He is such a silly guy. His many facial expressions crack us up on the daily.

this dimple is my kryptonite

Brigham will still eat anything that is put in front of him and usually wants seconds (okay, thirds). He weighs 27 lbs now. My back feels like it is broken when I go to sleep every night becauseĀ  he still likes to be picked up. He waves his hands wildly at me until I do.

This dude is a daredevil. He has absolutely no fear. We saw a bit of his haphazardness this summer when he just went to the edge of the pool and plopped in by himself. Heart attack city!

There’s just no stopping this dude. If he’s awake he is going, going, going! The only time he sits still is to eat and to sleep.

Language is the big challenge for Brigham right now. He still prefers to screech and scream to get what he wants. We are trying to correct that behavior by encouraging him to use his words. But sometimes he would rather act like a seagull instead of using please or done or thank you. Like all babies his language is a work in progress. I have a feeling that the severe double ear infections for the first six months of his life put him behind a bit. But just yesterday, it seemed like he had a breakthrough with words.

We were at the store and he said “hi” and “bye” to everyone we passed. He never does that. He’s either silent or screaming. Those have been our two choices for the past 18 months. The main thing is he can understand everything we say. If we tell him to point to an object or get something he always does it. He knows all his body parts too.

Some of the words he knows:

Landon (I want to cry happy tears every time he says this one)
Thank you

The thing I love most is watching Brigham and Landon’s relationship grow and develop. I’m going to be honest so that mothers of two kids know what they’re in for. It’s not perfect or easy by any means. There are certainly disagreements. Mostly they don’t want to share their toys . . . ever.

don't saw me, bro.

But every once in awhile I catch them being generous with each other. Like when Brigham steals a toy from Landon who, in turn, flips out because that truck is number 8 of 20 and he must have number 8 or the world will come to an end. Brigham will see how upset his brother is and take it to him, politely handing it back. I love to hear them giggling together. It melts my heart to hear so much laughter in our house.

let's build something together!

My favorite time with Brigham is when the day is over. He goes over to the rocking chair and says, “rock, rock” and he climbs up in my lap with his favorite books, Alex the Alligator and Biscuit the Dog. I read softly into his ear and feel his head start to get sweaty. Then I let him play with the light switch for awhile before shutting off the lights and rocking him on my shoulder. Sometimes he falls asleep before I’ve put him in his crib.

We love baby Brigham so much. Yes, he’s still the baby of the family. But he’s growing up and there’s nothing I can do about it except beam with pride for all the new things he learns each day.


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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. says

    not sure how briggie can be 18 months already when I think my own son (who is a few months older) is still like, 14 months. He is just so freaking cute I can’t stand it.

  2. says

    That little man gets more gorgeous by the month. Seriously… that dimple?!?!? It would do me in every time, too. ;-) Beautiful, beautiful boys you have.
    As for the speech… you know I am an Early Intervention developmental therapist, right? If he has that many words at 18 months, he is NOT behind. He’s doing just great. No worries on the ear infections, my friend. At 18 months, James had maybe 6-10 words, many of them rough approximations… by 20-22 months he really started his language explosion, and by his second birthday, he was speaking in full 4-word sentences anyone could understand. Brigham is perfect. xoxo
    Kimberly recently posted..Yay For a New Family Portrait!!!

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