A few of my favorite winter beauty products

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It seems like every New Year I swear I will have a better beauty routine. January through March are the worst months for me when it comes to my skin.┬áProblem-skin doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have had severe dry skin for as long as I can remember. Sometimes when people see my hands they will comment, “Ooooh, that looks like it hurts.” Yes. Yes, it does.

I’ve seen dermatologists and been given medicated lotions. But I’m cheap. And over the years I have found some great products at my neighborhood drugstore that help relieve my dry skin. I just need to be better about using them!

I don’t have the luxury of buying the smelly-good lotions. I have to buy heavy duty creams and body butters that are very thick. Sometimes I buy lotions that are medicated because my hands and feet will crack. It’s the only thing that will keep my skin hydrated. Even if I apply during my morning routine my skin is depleted of any moisture by the afternoon. It’s the kind of dry skin that you can feel all over your body.

I *heart* Burt's Bees products


Burt’s Bees Shea Butter and Vitamin E, fragrance free lotion is a new favorite of mine. I love that all of their products are natural. It never feels harsh on my skin. It hydrates well. I just wish it didn’t run out so quickly! I want to try their make-up as well.



try this for severe dry skin!


This stuff might as well be liquid gold. Aquaphor healing ointment is not pretty nor does it smell like flowers in the spring. But if you have severe dry skin you need to have this. I never use this product during the day because it makes me feel a bit greasy. I use it on my feet at night and then put socks on. My feet feel totally different in the morning. I also use this at night for my poor little chapped hands. Old man winter just does not like me.


there are no cows involved


Now promise you won’t make fun of me, okay? I still use udder butter sometimes. Really, guys. Sometimes I run out of options. When my skin is cracking and bleeding and I’m in pain, well, I’ll use anything to make it stop. Originally developed for cows who are in the elements all winter long, it works like a charm. I started using this in high school and at the time they were not scented. Seriously, it smelled so bad. But now it’s lightly scented!


hair skin and nails vitamin
hair, skin and nails vitamin

This is something new I’m trying out. A vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nails. I can honestly already see a difference in my skin. It has a bit of a glow, which is actually good for me because my face often looks dull in the winter. And my hair, which is also quite dry in the winter, well, it’s shiny as well. I’m hoping that it only gets better from here on out.




So what about you ladies? What products can you not live without during the winter? And seriously, if you have a recommendation that you think I should know about, let’s hear it!

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