Friday Brain Dump

  • I went to see my OB/GYN yesterday (every girl’s favorite doctor). I have been bleeding for a month and finally admitted there must be something wrong. They did an ultrasound and I immediately saw the huge cyst on my right ovary. And bonus: the big one was covered with little ones! The doctor told me that my hormones are out of whack and cannot handle ovulation on its own. I dealt with this in high school too. My doctor recommended that I have the IUD taken out and go on birth control pills. I really don’t want to be on the pill but I also need to make my body stop bleeding. Taking the pills will also make the cysts go away so I won’t be in pain. I am also hoping this makes my hair stop falling out and my acne go away.
  • I have been going to the gym at least twice a week. I always thought I hated working out. But the part I hate is actually going to the gym. You know, getting ready, getting in the car, driving there, walking to the treadmill. I know, THE HORROR. But once I’m on the treadmill and I’m sweating out the stress from my day I can tolerate that part. Plus, it’s the way I feel afterward that makes the effort worth it. I am not doing this to lose weight. I am doing this specifically to release endorphins that will hopefully help alleviate my depressive episodes and irritability. I really hope I can keep up with it because I feel amazing after a good run.
  • I am hosting my nephew’s first birthday party at our house tomorrow. There will be around 40 people there and lots of kids. This is the first time that many people will see our new house and it makes me a bit nervous because it’s not completely decorated yet. Hopefully no one will care about that.
  • Last night I went to check on Landon and he was not in his bed. I was a bit panic-stricken. And then I found him. In his closet. Asleep. We picked him up and put him back in bed but it appears that when he wakes up he just hangs out in his closet. I asked him why he does that and he said there was a face on the wall. Poor guy. I told him if he is ever scared to come to our bedroom. It hurts my heart to know that he is scared and goes to his closet to hide.

That’s it for now. Everyone have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. says

    Yikes! Hope the pill helps.

    that’s what I hate about the gym, too- the process of actually getting there.

    Hope you have a fun party tomorrow!

    Btw, are you in the Blissdom Newcomers group on fb? If not, you should be. :) Less than a month and we get to meet!

  2. Sara T. says

    I hope getting the IUD out helps… I often think of getting mine taken out but I also NEVER have a period. I just feel like it might be making me a little wonky at times. ;)

    Yay for the gym! It makes you feel amazing, right? I have been working with a trainer 2 days a week and 2 days on my own. I am super proud of myself and feel great. Keep it up!

    Poor Landon! Waking up at night is scary stuff! Hopefully he will come into your room now that you have talked.

  3. says

    Oh Molly, that’s awful about the cysts! I really hope that the BC helps and goes well!

    And I totally feel you, both about the decorating and about being scared. :(

  4. Cyn says

    Hope your ovaries feel better soon and keep your mind open for whenever Landon feels like coming out of the closet. Cheers!


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