Blogging. Oh, blogging.

Some say don’t write if you don’t want to. Well, to be honest, I haven’t felt like writing much at all lately. I don’t even want to open my dashboard.

Why, you may ask? I don’t really know. It could be a combination of things.

#1. I’m just generally uninspired right now. With spring and Easter coming there is so much to look forward to but I feel like I’m in an in-between spot that makes it hard to write.

#2. I’m tired. No seriously. I yawn all day long and I’m convinced the only way I’m surviving is by pumping my body full of caffeine. I don’t know what’s happened but there is a marked difference in my level of energy lately. It’s like I’m pregnant – only I’m totally NOT. So I don’t know what’s going on. All I can tell you is that I climb in bed at like 8:30 p.m. and I fall asleep soon after. It’s an exciting life I lead.

#3. I applied for a blogging gig and didn’t get it. And well, it hurt my feelings. Why must it be so hard for the “little guys” to find a place in this blogging world? All I want is a chance. So now I’m upset and I’ve lost my mojo

#4. I have something BIG to tell you guys but it’s still so new that I can’t write about it. I will let you know in a few weeks but right now my lips are tight and that makes it hard to write about anything else.

#5. None of my technology works correctly. My 6-year-old iMac is sooooo slow. I can only have one thing open at a time or the color wheel comes on and starts spinning and spinning and won’t let me do anything. My iPhone is a piece of crap. It’s the oldest model and it takes five minutes to pull up any apps. So please understand why I’m so unplugged as of late. It’s too frustrating to use this stuff.

So there are my excuses for having a lame blog. I’m just not in a blogging mood, which feels so strange to me. I hope I get my mojo back soon because I miss liking this space.

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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  1. says

    Well poop on the gig. They’re the ones missing out.
    And don’t you dare complain about phones because I have a flip one…and it’s not smart…there is no wifi on it.
    Kimberly recently posted..Stagnant

  2. says

    I’ve lost my mojo so many times it’s not even funny. Right now, I have too many things to write about but am wondering, at what point, am I going to crash and burn.
    You’ll be back before you know it.
    Mark recently posted..Roman and Sophia

  3. says

    I understand. I feel the same way a lot of times. Blogging isn’t hard, but sometimes it’s just so haaaaard, if that makes sense. I go through streaks all the time.

    I’m sorry about the blogging gig. Something better will come along. I’m sure of it!
    Tessa recently posted..Toddle Along Tuesday

  4. says

    Totally understand. I always said I would never blog from “guilt” or the “need” to, but lately I find myself feeling guilty for not posting. I am half-tempted to unplug for a while as well. Hope you find your mojo soon!
    Megan recently posted..11 things.

    • Molly says

      Yep, I feel very guilty when I don’t post. I also feel antsy. Like people will go away for good if I don’t post X amount of times a week. Ugh, too much pressure I’m putting on myself when I know I just need to write when I feel like it. If people don’t come back, so be it. It’s not the end of the world.

  5. says

    I swear Molly, I think we are soul mates are something.

    I totally understand – EVERYTHING. I go through blogging spurts too. Sometimes I have tons of stuff to purge out of me and other weeks I have nothing I want to say.

    & the Blogging gig, I get. I get to feeling that way with sponsorships. I would love for some great company to give me something to review and in turn offer a giveaway.

    & I can’t wait to hear the big news and be jealous of whatever it is. Great new job? Lottery winners?? :)

  6. says

    Are you dehydrated? Seriously. I’ve been participating in a Daniel Fast for almost 3 weeks, and all I’ve been able to drink is water. My eyes feel differently, like they’re rolling, properly, in my head again. And I’ve had more energy…

    You’re an excellent blogger. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy.
    Brandee Shafer recently posted..Parenting Cade

  7. says

    I’ve been feeling very lost lately as well. At first I appeased myself by saying that I only write for myself anyhow, but as the comments have continued to drop and drop . . . but viewership remains the same, I feel very conflicted.
    leah recently posted..Becoming Mother

  8. says

    Gah! I SO understand. There has absolutely been parts in my (albeit short) blog journey when I’m just nooooooot feeling it. It’s so hard to write well uninspired too! But you’ll get through it :)
    Adrienne recently posted..Ten for Tuesday!

  9. says

    Molly, I just love your posts. I always feel like they are so relatable! (So whoever didn’t take you up on the blogging gig is nuts!)

    I can’t tell you how many times a day I yawn. I feel like people are probably tired of asking me how I’m doing and my answer is, “I’m tired.” It practically defines my existence right now. I just cannot seem to get my energy back. I’m a walking zombie. And I seriously think there’s something inside of me that makes everything electronic I own stop working. It’s been this way for years. I mean–how does every button except ‘select’ on a DVD remote control suddenly stop working? Why do CD players that outlast people’s entire lives die for me after one year? Why does my Sprint phone decide that it will just restart randomly all throughout the day? Why does the speaker on my computer have a short so I have to reconnect it about every one minute if I want to hear something??? WHY?
    Brandy recently posted..Crocodiles and Monsters

    • Molly says

      Oh lawd, I am always yawning. I drink way too much caffeine that I don’t even think it’s working anymore! And yes on the electronics. I’m convinced they all hate me so you’re not alone there.

      Thanks for saying that on the blogging gig. I know I’m worthy of work. I just need to find the right opportunity!

  10. says

    Sorry I’m so behind on commenting!! I am trying to get caught up, because I too, have been a little uninspired with blogging and haven’t opened my dashboard much recently!! I have found that this happens to me every few months. Hang in there girl, I’m sure you’ll get your mojo back soon :)
    Mandy@ asortafairytale recently posted..and then it happened…

  11. says

    I am soooooooo unplugged and soooo behind, but I still love ya and your writing, and I am VERY intrigued to hear your news!!!!
    I haven’t even posted on my blog since before Christmas. :( Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get back to it… as much as I love my blog and my readers (who don’t even come CLOSE to the number you have), I’m so super busy and I just find there’s SO much I don’t want certain people reading about (XH and his GF, specifically….) and I’m in a rut. A big one. But I’m still checking in on you often… think about you often… would love to see another vlog of your cute self! Big hugs to you!!
    Kimberly recently posted..The Polar Express!!!

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