A Fresh Start

Remember how I told you how I had big news? Well, the big news starts today.

I got a new job!

I knew this three weeks ago but really wanted to wait awhile to let it sink in. I guess I’m still in shock that this has happened. I had been unhappy at my old job for quite some time and I knew that it wasn’t where I belonged. But due to finances I wasn’t at liberty to just quit.

So one day I saw a job ad that looked exactly like what I wanted to do before my current job. I spiffed up my resume and sent it. And a week later I landed a great new opportunity.

The new job has a lot of positives. It’s closer to home (shorter commute and less gas!), it’s more money (yay, debt reduction!) and it’s better hours (less weekends and nights!).

I’m nervous but excited to have a fresh start. I had a week off last week and it was glorious. But my first day is today. Wish me luck!


  1. Emily says

    Congratulations, Molly! I hope it’s a great fit and gives you some new opportunities to do the things you love!

  2. says

    I’m just now catching up but I’m so glad to hear your first day went well. Congratulations on this new job… hope it’s exactly what you need! :)

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