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There’s not much I like about spending 40 hours a week away from my children. I work full-time and let me tell ya – when 4:00 rolls around I start getting antsy! By that time I am SO ready to see my kiddos.

Although it sucks to say goodbye in the mornings there is something about working that makes the reunion that much sweeter. Let me tell you what happens when Landon sees me for the first time at daycare. As soon as he spots me come around the door he jumps up, screams mama and lunges into my arms. Brigham’s enthusiam couldn’t be cuter. He shrieks at the top of his lungs, drops whatever he has in his hands and immediately comes running.

It feels so good. So very good to be appreciated like that after a long day. When we get home we snuggle closer, hug tighter and laugh harder. And yes, we dance to the Fresh Beat Band. The funny thing is I’m not sure those 5:00 memories would be made if I weren’t gone all day. It makes me appreciate them that much more.

Sweet post-work snuggles and smiles.

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    This makes me want a job. For real.

    When I was a working mama, it made the time at home so much sweeter and higher valued.

    I know there’s pros and cons to both “jobs” (working/staying home), but this is definitely a pro for working.

    And I love how excited they get to see you! That has to make any bad in your day suddenly good again. :)
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    I work full time too with my son in daycare. You’re so right about the greeting you get when you pick them up; it’s the best. Unless you’re picking up my son who takes one look at me, remembers that I left him there all day an bursts into tears while running towards me. Silly boy. The resulting cuddle is worth it though!

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