Old Missouri Town

I love where we live. There is a nature reserve five minutes away from our house where buffalo and elk roam. Pretty cool, eh? They also have Old Missouri Town there. It is a place made to look like a Missouri town in the 1800’s. They do fun events there and this past Saturday they had sheep shearing day! Even though it was a scorcher (90 degrees in May!) my boys, grandma and papaw and my nephew ventured out to experience something new.

We first met Moses the cow. He was chewing straw just hanging out when all of a sudden . . . cow pie!

The boys laughed so hard when the cow pooped. It was too funny.

Next we headed over to see them shear a sheep! The boys were mesmerized by this. The sheep just laid there like it was nothing.

You have to think how good it would feel to have all that heavy wool shaved off of you. They only do it once a year!

Then they take the wool and start making things with it immediately! Pretty amazing!

The boys listened to some old-fashioned music. The woman played Old McDonald and we all sang.

Next thing we knew, the boys were running in the field trying to find the sheep that was making the loud “baaaaah” sound.

I didn’t really know how this would go but the boys saw the stilts and had to try them out. Papaw helped give all the boys a try.

We were pretty hot and sweaty by this time but Landon wanted to try the “hoops” game.

Brigham cannot be left out. He must do whatever Landon is doing so he tried it out too.

It was another fantastic Saturday. I promised to try new things with the boys and so far we’re succeeding!

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  1. says

    looks like fun! i love the women who sit & just make things out of wool. i can stand & just watch for an hour when we’re at the state fair.

  2. Emily says

    Oh, that looks like a lot of fun! I had thought of taking the kids there since it is so close to our house, but we went to the farmers’ market instead. We’ll have to try it another week.

  3. says

    Did the boys enjoy it? I once took my class of 5 years old there when I was teaching and they enjoyed it. I keep going back and forth if this is something my girls would get a kick out of or get bored with.
    Melissa recently posted..Daddy’s Girl

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