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Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I feel like every blogger has tried it at least once and if not they are thinking about it. I learned about Stitch Fix a year ago. Then when I went to Influence Conference the founders did a presentation on how they started their business. I was pregnant at the time but told myself I would give it a shot after I gave birth.

If you haven’t heard of it Stitch Fix is a service where you pay a $20 styling fee, fill out a questionnaire about your style and someone will pick five pieces of clothing/accessories to send right to where you live. That’s right. No awkward and/or sad moments in a fitting room at the mall. Sold yet? I was.

So they send you the clothes and you decide if you want to keep it or send it back. They give you the prepaid bag to make returns easy. Then you go online and tell them what you thought of each piece and pay for what you keep. The $20 fee goes toward your purchase and if you end up keeping all five pieces you get 25% off!

There are three things you need to know about me when it comes to buying clothes:

1. I’m fairly cheap. It is very rare that I spend more than $50 on a piece of clothing. Forever 21 and Target are my staples even though I’m so far removed from age 21 it’s laughable (I’m 35. SO WHAT).

2. I like all different styles of fashion. Seriously, I can’t make up my mind.

3. Before I had kids I used to shop for myself all the time. Now I shop for my kids. I know, how cliché am I?

So obviously the whole Stitch Fix concept was hard for me to grasp. I had heard that their pieces are kinda expensive and that it might take a few tries for the stylist to get it right. But I told myself that I would focus on self-care after baby #3 came. I mean, I feel like I deserve a treat every now and then. I used to be fashionable. I really did. And I want to get back there. So I knew it was time to go out of my comfort zone.

I signed up and filled out the style questionnaire and then waited for the box to arrive on my doorstep. When it did I think I squealed. I was so excited to find out what someone had picked for little old me! Here’s my first report.

1. Alessandra Striped & Colorblocked Blouse

I think this shirt is amazing! I love everything about it. The stripes, the colors, the length. When I filled out the questions I told them I just had a baby and the tummy pooch is still there. Tight-fitting clothes are pretty much out right now while I tone up (or eat a batch of cookies, whatever). I also told them that I am nursing. This shirt is super easy to lift up so I can nurse or pump. Naaman even complimented me on it! I knew I would keep this one before even trying it on!



2. Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

I love a good cardigan. I really do. I loved the length on this but I have a gazillion cardigans already and really couldn’t justify keeping this one due to the price. If it was something extra special – like aztec print, for instance, which I am loving right now – I would totally think about keeping it. But I sent the cardigan back.


3. Sandrine Tiered Sleeveless Blouse

Stitch Fix did an excellent job picking this shirt out for me because I already own one just like it. I wear it all the time! I feel like this color looks great with my fair skin and blonde hair. Because I have one nearly identical to it I still sent it back. But kudos to the stylist for picking something that I already had in my closet!


4. Tiffany Lightweight Tribal Print Infinity Scarf

I am picking up steam with the scarf trend. I recently bought a few new ones. I liked this scarf but the price was what sealed its fate. I sent it back because I just can’t spend nearly $40 on a scarf. No way, no how. I think I might spend $15 tops on a scarf. So the pretty scarf had to go back to where it came. Still really enjoyed this piece though.


5. Stefano Medallion Print Shift Dress

There’s no photo for this one because I thought it was bad. Really bad. It was way too big and the print looked like an old wallpaper pattern. Maybe it’s my fault because as you’ll see above, I’m not great at styling yet. I have a crapload of clothing and shoes in my closet but I don’t know how to put things together and make them cuter than they are. Stitch Fix does send some ideas. I wish I had had time to mix and match and make it work. But I sent the dress back because nope!

So what do you think? Pretty cool service, huh? I am definitely going to try again in a couple months. You can sign up for monthly fixes if you want. I really can’t wait to try again!

Did I talk you into it? It’s super easy to sign up and please comment to let me know you did. In fact, try it and post your fixes like me. It’s fun to pretend like you’re a model for twenty minutes.

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you know how much it means to share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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    • Molly says

      Thanks, Shell! Yes, a few of the pieces were expensive but I just sent them back, easy peasy. If it’s something that I just can’t live without then I’ll probably pay more for it. I say try it out!

    • Molly says

      Thanks, Meredith! When you fill out the questionnaire they ask you about price ranges and I picked the cheapest in each category! I say give it a try. There really isn’t a commitment. If you don’t like it just send it back! But I’ve heard if you keep trying it gets better and the stylist gets more accurate :)

  1. says

    I love that first top for sure! And I was seriously thinking as I scrolled through the photos that your hair looks so lovely. Prenatal vitamins are like miracle workers! I’m looking forward to going back to Stitch Fix after this little one gets here in May. It’ll be a nice gift for this mama!
    becca @ sewLOVED recently posted..a rare thing these days.

    • Molly says

      Yes, Becca. I was looking forward to trying Stitch Fix after giving birth. It’s super trendy right now to try it so there is a wait list! But it’s worth the wait when it shows up at your door. It’s something special just for mom :)

  2. says

    You look so cute in all of it! I really want to try it because I’m terrible at picking out new things for myself but I’m the same as you, I like everything to be on sale so not sure I would keep anything.
    Jessica recently posted..I’m with the band

    • Molly says

      Thanks, Jessica! When you fill out the questionnaire you tell them your price ranges. I picked the cheapest in each category ;) If it’s the right piece that I just can’t live without then I might pay more. But if it’s something I feel I can get on the cheap (usually accessories) then I will pass. I encourage you to try it!

    • Molly says

      Yeah, each body is so different. It must be tough for the stylist to get it right. I didn’t receive any pants this time around but I am 5’4. It makes it tough because I am right on the edge of “petite” clothing. But sometimes petite is too short! Ughhh. I wish all clothes used the same sizing but each brand is different. I realize that being tall must present its own problems and frustrations. But you might try it once. There is no commitment really. If you don’t like the clothes you just send them back :)

  3. says

    Yay! I’m glad you tried out Stitch Fix!! I have loved it so far! And for a Mom with tiny little ones… it’s awesome to be able to shop (and try on the clothes) in your own home. I got that first striped tank in my last fix! Isn’t it awesome? Looks great on you!

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