About Mollywood

Hi there. I’m Molly. I’m so glad you’re here!

 This is a fictitious land that I refer to as Mollywood. Why Mollywood? Well, because I can be dramatic at times. And Hollywood seems like the birthplace of drama. And my name is Molly so I squeezed out the letter H, added the letter M and up popped the best little blog ever. Okay, maybe not ever.

I started blogging after I married the love of my life in August 2006. I needed a place where I could go to write my thoughts. An online journal seemed like a convenient space to do it. I didn’t share it with anyone for a long time. Hence the lack of comments and photos on many of my early posts. But that’s not what it was there for. It was just there as a brain dump. I’ve always loved to purge my thoughts through writing. I even have a journalism degree to prove it. This is where I continue to write since my full-time job does not include writing at all.

In December 2007, the purpose of my blog drastically changed when two pink lines popped up on a plethora of pregnancy tests. Suddenly I was blogging about creating a nursery for our first son and posting photos of my swelling belly {something I never pictured myself doing online}. Come to find out there is this whole online community populated by people referred to as “Mommy Bloggers.” Yes, I’m a mom. Yes, I blog. But I’m a writer first. A blogger second. And hopefully someday a novelist. Stick with me until then, okay?

My son, Landon Neil, was born on 08.08.08 and quickly became the star of Mollywood.

I suddenly realized that being a mom was the best thing since sliced bread cheesecake.

Things got a bit more interesting in Mollywood right after Landon’s 1st birthday.

I found out I was pregnant with baby #2!

I embraced this unexpected angel {another boy!} and prepared for two under two with a few panic attacks in between naps.

Our second son, Brigham Douglas, stole the show on 05.02.2010. He is growing fast in an attempt to catch up with big brother.

My days are filled with a lot of diapers. A lot of bending over to wipe smeared food off the floor. There is not a lot of me-time or money to buy fancy 4-inch heels. And if I ever actually realized my dream of walking down the red carpet I’m sure there would be dirt on my dress, courtesy of my boys.

But I wouldn’t want it any other way. Because my life is also filled with tiny hugs and kisses. My life is filled with love and hope. Things that I haven’t always had during my struggle with depression. I have my hubs and two baby boys to thank for the aforementioned love and hope. Oh, and my therapist and medicine.

I suppose this blog will always serve as a hope chest for my two boys. But most of all I love how blogging has helped me grow as a mom, a writer and a woman.

Thanks for visiting Mollywood. I hope you’ll stick around and follow my journey.

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