Gosh, I’m so glad you’re here! Really, I mean it. I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve got a hot cup of coffee waiting for you in a mismatched mug. The good mugs are still in the dishwasher. Actually, let’s forget that and have a glass of wine.

Now that you’ve arrived – there’s something you should know – I’m not a mommy blogger. Nope, I’m not. I’m actually a parenting storyteller. What kind of stories do I tell, you ask? Imperfect ones because that’s what I am and that’s what my kids are. Wonderfully imperfect.

Perfection skipped my address entirely. And I’m okay with that. You know why? Because the little messes and mistakes make us who we are.

You’re nodding your head, right?

I don’t claim to be a parenting expert. But I do feel I have good things to share about the hardest job we’ll ever have – raising our children. (seriously, why is it so hard?!)

I don’t believe in sugar coating. I believe in showing people our messy reality so they know that perfection doesn’t exist. I like thinking that maybe you won’t feel so alone after reading something I write.

Reader Diana recently wrote:

Your ability to capture the feelings and emotions that so many of us go through is breathtaking. I mean it in the most sincere way. A lot of your posts bring tears to my eyes because I relate. I do not feel so alone because they are so honest.”

I started this blog in December 2006 and it has grown and changed so much over the years. I went from zero kids, to having my first baby, to a mom of two under two, to a mom of three beautiful children.


It’s safe to say I’m not who I was when I started writing here. But I’m so proud to share my journey to self-acceptance and love right here.

I write about parenting young children, marriage, travel, easy recipes and self-care.

If you’re looking for a friend who writes sincerely and honestly about life, love and parenting then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m ready for my second cup. Are you?