35 Weeks Pregnant

The bump @35 weeks, 1 day:



Just for comparison’s sake . . . my 36-week bump with Landon . . .


What do you think? Bigger or smaller . . . lower or higher? Kind of fun to compare the two pregnancies! Personally, I think my belly with Landon was smaller and lower!

I had to skip week 34 due to the recent tragedy in our family. Things have been busy and difficult, to say the least. The visitation for my cousin was on Wednesday and the funeral was yesterday. There are no other words to say than . . . it sucked. Bad. I have cried a lot of tears and lost a lot of sleep over the past week and I know the stress is not good on me or the baby. But I still felt it necessary to go to both.

I’ve never seen anything more sad than a little boy who is smiling and laughing at his mother’s own funeral because he has no idea what is going on. Maybe it’s better that way, I don’t know. All I know is that it made me think about my time here on earth and how lucky I have been to have all of this time with my precious boy. I have soaked up every last hug and kiss from Landon and Naaman this week.

My out-of-town sisters came back for the funeral so we are all four spending some time together. It feels good to have my entire family together at a time like this.

Unfortunately, I think the stress has done a number on my pregnant body. I already wasn’t sleeping that great. This unexpected loss has only added to the insomnia. I wake up and look at the clock. It’s 3:00 a.m. and I’m wide awake . . . just thinking and sometimes weeping silently. Of course what comes next is contractions and tossing and turning to try to find a comfy spot to fall back asleep. It hasn’t worked and I wake up tired and in a zombie-like trance for the rest of the day.

I had an OB appointment on Wednesday afternoon right before the visitation. I told her about the recent stress and the contractions. Told her they were painful and I have been very crampy all night long. She wanted to do an internal. I am 1 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. If I were a first-time mom I might take this to be a good sign. But since this is exactly how things went with Landon I’m not hopeful for an early debut. In fact, I’m guessing he’ll be right on time at somewhere around 40 weeks. Doctor thinks that he might be just a tad bit larger than Landon (who was an average 6 lbs, 14 oz at 39 weeks) but not by much. And even though I’m really uncomfortable at this point I’m okay with waiting. These last 5 weeks (or less) will fly by, I’m sure.

I had many internals with Landon and none of them ever hurt. But this one was different. It hurt like a mother trucker!!! I bled afterward, which I know is normal. But I’m pretty sure I am now losing parts of my mucous plug with every bathroom break. It’s not that alarming to me. The same thing happened very early with Landon and I still ended up being induced so only time will tell . . .

I have dropped a little but not enough to help me out in the breathing department. I dropped very early with Landon and never felt this kind of feeling. The feeling that someone is standing on your lungs and you can’t take a deep breath! I had a coughing attack the other night and really could not get enough air. And there is no position that brings relief. So I’m just waiting for baby B to drop a bit lower so I can take a nice deep breath. At this time I wheeze like an 80-year-old man with asthma after walking up a small flight of stairs!

We have our hospital tour (since I’ll be giving birth at a new hospital this time) and breastfeeding class next Wednesday. Lately I’ve been feeling pretty okay about breastfeeding not working out. This is a far cry from how I felt awhile back when I wrote this post. I guess I’m just not that worried about it. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But I refuse to spend weeks or months feeling guilty this time. I guess I’m just more realistic about it because I know what a challenge it was for both Landon and I. We’ll just gather all the good info we can and I’ll try my best when the time comes. I think what has helped me let go is that Landon is a beautiful, healthy and smart child and he was formula fed. I’m just so over feeling bad about it!

Well, that’s the pregnancy round up folks. We’re really in the home stretch now. I am anxiously awaiting baby B’s arrival with 34 days left or less! Gotta get that hospital bag packed!

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33 Weeks Pregnant – and a few pics

Our photog sent me a few “teaser” pics through email. So instead of showing you my usual boring bump photo I thought I would show you the photos she sent to tide us over. I think they’re kinda awesome. I don’t know why I was worried! Can’t wait to see the rest . . .

My pretty little family 
Hugging his little brother
Belly pride :)

Mama’s blue-eyed angel

I had another appointment with our new OB yesterday and it went very well. Naaman was able to come and meet her and we both had a good feeling about her this time around. She sat down and answered some questions for us and made me feel better about some things.

It was all a good report . . . normal blood pressure, strong heartbeat, belly measuring perfectly. And we were even able to confirm that baby B is HEAD DOWN! I kinda figured that already because he got the hiccups the other night and I felt them way down below! He is actually in the same position that Landon stayed in for most of the third trimester. Butt is up by my belly button and feet pushing out to the right side of my belly. It looks quite strange, actually. But I’m glad he is preparing for his big reveal.

I start my two week OB appointments now. I have four weeks left and I’m considered full-term. I’m going to pick a weekend and go through the tubs of baby clothes that I saved and wash everything used and new. Naaman and I started to discuss action plans for when I go into labor. We are signed up for our pre-registration at the hospital. New insurance is figured out and ready to go (did I mention that everything with this baby is 100% paid, including OB appointments!!! OH HAPPY DAY!).

So there you have it! Inching closer and closer to two under two and getting pretty freaking excited about it on our way there!

32 Weeks Pregnant

The bump:

I’m 32 weeks pregnant, folks. 32 Weeks!!! I can’t believe that this journey will be over soon. Right now I am trying my best to enjoy it.  ALL of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. After all, all three of those happen during pregnancy. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced the ugly more times than I want this past week. On Sunday I had a bad headache, which is pretty unusual for me as I rarely get headaches. On Monday I figured out why . . . I came down with a nasty cold and of course couldn’t take anything worth a darn to get rid of the congestion.

On Monday night I noticed that my neck was getting stiff. This is never a good sign. It was five years ago this month that I was involved in a car accident and sustained severe whiplash. I suffered a soft tissue injury to my neck. Subsequently the discs in my C4 and C5 vertebrae sometimes bulge out if I do too much. We had showings last Saturday and Sunday so I was cleaning for two days straight prior to the weekend. I guess that did it! I have been in excruciating pain ever since Monday night. I was laid up in bed on Tuesday with the heating pad. There wasn’t much else I could do. Usually I would take a muscle relaxer or anti-inflammatory. But those are both a no no during pregnancy. So as my OB said, try to grin and bear it. Seriously? Grin? I don’t think so. Oh, how ironic that saying would turn out to be. Because yesterday was our maternity photo shoot!

The weather was perfect. Sunny and 64 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. And since I knew snow was in the forecast I decided not to reschedule and “grin and bear it” just as the doctor had suggested. In hindsight it was probably a bad idea to go ahead with it. I was in so much pain yesterday that I almost threw up. It effects my entire right neck and shoulder with pain shooting down my arm and into my fingers. But we all got dressed and ready and went out on the shoot anyway. Honestly, I don’t know how good the photos will turn out. The photographer tried her best and she was so nice but Landon just did not want anything to do with having his picture taken yesterday. Naaman and I didn’t get as many shots together as I wanted because he was having to chase Landon all over the park! The photog told me she would let me know if she got enough good ones and if not we can do a mini shoot to make up for yesterday.

I wanted it to be fun but what with Landon’s meltdown and my pain level I’m not sure they’ll turn out that great. The sneak peek should be up in a week or two and I will share it here (if it’s good). We’ve never used this photographer but the photos on her blog are wonderful so maybe she will surprise us! She did say our son looks like the actor Macaulay Culkin when he was a child star and super cute. Bonus points for her. Yeah, he’s pretty darn cute whether he smiles or not ;)

My neck and arm feel a bit better this morning. Hopefully the worst is over and I can finally get back to normal again.

31 Weeks Pregnant

The bump:

Yesterday was like deja vu. I went grocery shopping with Landon because I hadn’t been in oh, a month, and we had a lot of things to pick up. We were there for an hour and a half. Admittedly, I was bending over, standing on my tippy toes, lifting my annoyed, 25-lb son in and out of the cart . . . doing too much I think.

I had the first contraction in the ice cream aisle. How fitting, right? At first I thought it was just a muscle cramp. But no, I would recognize those suckers from a mile away after having gone through it once already. These were painful and about a minute apart. I was thinking to myself, they’ll stop. You’re only 31 weeks along. And you’ve got to finish your list, Molly. Your super cool list neatly organized on your iphone grocery app. Get the cheese, Molly. Don’t forget the shredded cheese!!!

So I continued through each aisle, stopping along the way. I felt kind of clammy and sick to my stomach. In retrospect, I know I should have left but I didn’t listen to my body (or baby for that matter).

I told myself that when I got home I would quickly put the groceries away, put Landon down for an afternoon nap and then drink a ton of water and try to take a nap myself. Silly me. Do you know how hard it is to put groceries away when you have a toddler pulling everything out of the sacks? It took me 30 minutes and the contractions continued through the entire process.

As I was changing Landon’s diaper there was a knock on the door. It was our real estate agent dropping off more flyers and wanting to discuss our open house strategy. Ugh, that took another 30 minutes. I finally got Landon down for a nap at 4:00 p.m. I sat down on the sofa and chugged two glasses of ice water. I had called Naaman and told him that if the contractions hadn’t gone away that I would be calling the doctor. Luckily they subsided just in time to get Landon up and make dinner.

After the day had calmed down I started thinking about my pregnancy with Landon. I remember that I started progressing very early with him and wondered what week it was that I started dilating. So I hop on my nifty blog and look back. Yep, it was about the same time that I was dilated to 1 cm and 50% effaced. That’s when I realized . . . holy crap! This is really really happening. I know I’m already 31 weeks but it sincerely hit me just last night. I’m going through this again. My body is gearing up for the miracle of birth! The wheels are starting to turn, so to speak.

I’m excited to see how my body reacts this time around. After yesterday’s experience it seems like it might be quite similar to what happened with Landon. The painful contractions started two months ahead of time!

It is my hope to go into labor on my own and let baby B pick his own birthday. Pretty sure Landon was close to picking his own birthday as I was already 4.5 cm dilated and 100% effaced when I got to the hospital for the induction. I’m nervous, excited, thrilled to go through this again. It was the most exhilarating, out-of-this-world experience I’ve ever been through.

There are a few different things that have happened with this pregnancy that have been a shock.

#1. I am able to hold my pee a bit better (didn’t you all want to know that?). I still have to go a lot but I do think B is in a different position than Landon. He still kicks low but at least he is not torturing my bladder!

#2. My breasts started leaking colostrum at 26 weeks. Yeah, um, I don’t know what to think about this. It happens every single night and it’s not a ton of milk but there is definitely boob leakage. I am actually taking this as a good sign! I truly want breastfeeding to work this go round. I recently signed up for a breastfeeding class at our hospital (we skipped it last time). I hope that it helps us prepare for the big job ahead. I know it won’t be easy but I’m hoping that my body cooperates this time and that I can avoid some of the early mistakes I made that interfered with the nursing process.

#3. I am sad to report that I have officially joined the stretch mark club :( At first I just thought that it was dry skin but no, they are the nightmare is real. There are small marks on my left side and I’m disappointed. I was somehow lucky enough to avoid them completely last time but no such luck this time. They are barely noticeable and I hope they stay that way. Let’s all chant together . . . no more stretch marks, no more stretch marks!!!