33 Weeks Pregnant – and a few pics

Our photog sent me a few “teaser” pics through email. So instead of showing you my usual boring bump photo I thought I would show you the photos she sent to tide us over. I think they’re kinda awesome. I don’t know why I was worried! Can’t wait to see the rest . . .

My pretty little family  Hugging his little brother Belly pride :)

Mama’s blue-eyed angel

I had another appointment with our new OB yesterday and it went very well. Naaman was able to come and meet her and we both had a good feeling about her this time around. She sat down and answered some questions for us and made me feel better about some things.


32 Weeks Pregnant

The bump:

I’m 32 weeks pregnant, folks. 32 Weeks!!! I can’t believe that this journey will be over soon. Right now I am trying my best to enjoy it.  ALL of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. After all, all three of those happen during pregnancy. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced the ugly more times than I want this past week. On Sunday I had a bad headache, which is pretty unusual for me as I rarely get headaches. On Monday I figured out why . . . I came down with a nasty cold and of course couldn’t take anything worth a darn to get rid of the congestion.


31 Weeks Pregnant

The bump:

Yesterday was like deja vu. I went grocery shopping with Landon because I hadn’t been in oh, a month, and we had a lot of things to pick up. We were there for an hour and a half. Admittedly, I was bending over, standing on my tippy toes, lifting my annoyed, 25-lb son in and out of the cart . . . doing too much I think.

I had the first contraction in the ice cream aisle. How fitting, right? At first I thought it was just a muscle cramp. But no, I would recognize those suckers from a mile away after having gone through it once already. These were painful and about a minute apart. I was thinking to myself, they’ll stop. You’re only 31 weeks along. And you’ve got to finish your list, Molly. Your super cool list neatly organized on your iphone grocery app. Get the cheese, Molly. Don’t forget the shredded cheese!!!


30 Weeks Pregnant

The bump: (um, did I swallow a basketball?) How far along: 30 weeks, 2 days. Less than 10 weeks now, people! I can barely believe it!
Total weight gain: Let’s just not discuss this any more, mmmkay?

Sleep: Hate it.

Best moment this week: Just lots of hard punches and kicks from our little guy. He is gettin’ jiggy wid it in there and I love it! He is *supposed* to be well over 3 lbs at this stage. And I can definitely feel hard body parts exploring around in there. Elbows and feet, possibly? It’s the most amazing thing. When I lay down at night I watch my belly for a little while and it’s like the circus has come to town. I’m going to try to get it on video so I can share. Tickets to the show will be free ;)

Food cravings: I just can’t stop craving donuts. It makes no sense because I never eat donuts when I am not pregnant. See, it’s the baby who wants them. It’s not me I swear!

Gender: BOY!