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I love my parents but man, do they need to upgrade their cell phones. They’ve been talking about it for over a year now. Right now they have very basic phones through their service provider. I’m not even sure they can take pictures with them, which is sad since they have five grandchildren (soon to be six!).  And they are old phone versions too that don’t work very well. So when I signed up for the Walmart Family Mobile campaign I knew exactly who would be getting a new smart phone for Christmas!

I’m going to start this little experiment by first giving a phone to my dad. Both of my parents are in their late sixties and they are not the most efficient at technology (sorry, mom and dad, but it’s true). I was pretty darn proud when my mom signed up for Facebook though. Hey, it’s a start! But now I want them to be able to access the internet with ease through their phones! And I want them to be able to save some money too. I feel like they are being overcharged for their current service. I want to provide them with an unlimited plan with talk, text and data but with no contract to lock them in.

For this shopping trip I knew I would be venturing into Walmart during prime shopping season right before Thanksgiving. Just the thought was making me panic and sweat a little bit. I loathe crowded stores and try to avoid them at all costs! I decided to be smart and go early on a Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. I made my way to the back of the store where the wireless section is located. I had never been to this section of Walmart. When I got there I found it to be bright and cheery. And then I realized there was no one there except me. I looked around and found this sign.

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I suddenly realized I was an hour too early. Womp, womp. I was in a hurry to get to work and I was a little upset thinking about leaving without my product and having to come back at a much busier time. But then a Walmart employee approached the desk. I politely asked if she would be able to help me even though I was an hour too early. I expected a negative response but much to my surprise she told me she would ring me up anyway! I told her exactly what I needed. The Concord smartphone and $25 starter kit. It was fun looking at all the different phones and cheap wireless plan choices. I know how much my parents pay and I realized how much money they would be saving if I purchased this phone and plan for them.

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As the nice employee was making some notes for me on how to connect the service to the phone, I was browsing around looking at the wireless section of the store. I was impressed by how well-lit, organized and clean it was. Now, I’m sure it won’t be like that in a few days what with Black Friday coming and all. But I enjoyed the quiet, organized store while I could.

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Now I am so excited to give my dad his new smartphone for Christmas! And if it works out I plan to buy a matching phone for my mom! They can manage their account easily online and I know they will be so happy to receive this as a gift. Heck, I think I might be happier to give them an upgrade and save them money! ‘Tis the season for giving!

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Being a Writer

I’m just gonna come out and admit it. I really thought being a writer would look something like this . . .


Yep, that’s Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. She lived in New York City in a cute little apartment and tapped out a successful sex column at her mac computer, which overlooked the street below.

I kinda thought that was gonna be me. I thought I would move to New York City and land a super cool job as a writer at a magazine. I thought I would wear really great clothes and high-heeled shoes and go to fancy parties and sip cocktails and then write about my adventures. I thought a lot of people would probably want to read about stuff like that.

I thought that’s what a writer was supposed to do.

Twelve years later, I live in my hometown in Missouri. Our suburban house has four bedrooms, none of which serve as an office. All our bedrooms house actual people because I have two amazing sons and surprise! We’re having a third kid too because we like to live on the wild side. When I do write, I write for a blog that I created. I decided one day that if no one would hire me as a writer I would find success on my own. Seven years later and I’m still writing for my blog that barely anyone on the face of this planet knows about. But somehow I still love it and spend time on it regardless of my lack of reach.

I have found that being a writer is much like being a regular person. I go to work at my full-time job that has nothing to do with writing. I come home and fix dinner. Or sometimes I stop at McDonald’s and get my kids chicken nuggets because I can’t fathom going into a grocery store after working all day. I wonder if I will ever be able to open a BBQ sauce packet without it splattering on my shirt – you know – the one I got on the clearance rack at Target. Because that’s where I shop.

It’s funny that I used to think about New York City so much. I researched this city the entire time I was in college because duh, that’s where you move if you want to be a real writer. Real writers don’t live in Missouri. But you know what? I’ve never even been to New York City. And somehow I still manage to write.

Being a writer isn’t about where you got your degree. Maybe that helps? I don’t know. In hindsight it may not have been the smartest decision to study journalism as a small college that no one outside of a 100-mile radius would even recognize. But I chose to study what I love and it so happens I love to write.

Being a writer was never going to be about Manolo Blahniks and cosmopolitans. I never should have based my view of being a writer on a fictional character but surely, SURELY, I’m not the only former college student that did that.

I have to look back and chuckle at myself. Losing the hopes and dreams of yesterday is okay. Because the hopes and dreams of the future are far better than anything my 23-year-old self ever dreamed up.

I never realized that being a writer might mean I would be myself. I thought being a writer meant I would be someone other than myself. And maybe that’s why it was such an attractive choice at the time. I had this belief that it could make me into a better version of me. That I could write all my troubles and sorrows away. It’s true – I’ve written about a lot of my troubles and sorrows here. And although some have passed many still remain. Or they decide to creep up after being in hiding for awhile. I think I finally realize that my struggles with anxiety and depression will last a lifetime. But it finally feels okay having come to terms with that.

Being a writer is thinking of a genius idea for a best-seller when you wake up suddenly at 2:00 a.m. Only to have it disappear when your kid comes in the room at 5:00 a.m. asking for milk. Then all you can really think about is how much you want to poke your own eyes out. So that book idea – no recollection three hours later.

Being a writer is typing in the kitchen while your kids watch power rangers, wondering why the heck your laptop is sticking to the table.

Being a writer is spending three hours crafting the perfect article and pitching an online magazine that you’d really like to write for and having them respond with, we think you’re really talented but we can’t pay in actual money that buys things. We will pay you in exposure. (which is like monopoly money for writers).

Being a writer isn’t about being Carrie Bradshaw. It’s not about New York City. It’s not about writing at a magazine.

Being a writer is about not quitting even though it feels pretty lame some days to still have this overwhelming dream of being a success with the written word. Being a writer is coming up with great ideas, then forgetting them, then watching someone else’s article go viral two days later on the very same subject you were planning on writing about. Instead you get to watch them be interviewed on the Today show while you sip lukewarm coffee.

But I’m not bitter. I’m just waiting. Sometimes impatiently. And I’m hoping. Hoping that being a writer wasn’t a silly idea I had when I was six-years-old. I sure would hate to feel like I’ve wasted a dream.

Who knows – maybe I will create that desk by the window set-up that Carrie Bradshaw made look so enticing. But instead, I’ll be able to look out the window and see three beautiful children playing in the backyard. Maybe very few people will ever know who I am or what I write or why I write. But I keep going. That’s what being a writer is about.

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Moms Night In with NickMom

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Yesterday night I invited my mom over to enjoy a new show on NickMom called Instant Mom with actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict. The kids always go to bed around 8:00 p.m. and I’m left with a couple hours of “me” time. Um, is this girl drop dead gorgeous or what?

instantmom #shop

NickMom has programming for moms starting at 9 p.m. cst! So it’s perfect timing to watch a new show that is created just for moms to enjoy!

Since I’m pregnant I was in the mood to try something new to munch on. I made this delicious whipped peanut butter dip. OMG. I’m so glad I made it so we had something yummy to eat during the show.

NickMom-1 #shop

You can’t veg out without a yummy snack! Really what I wanted was one of the delicious alcoholic beverages that NickMom sent my way before the party but obviously, I can’t indulge in those until after the baby arrives.

nickmom-2 #shop

Since I don’t watch that many sit-coms I was afraid I might not like the show. But it was perfect for me and really any mom out there! Instant Mom is about a woman who marries a man who already has children. Their preteen daughter wanted to start dating but her dad told her no. The whole show centered around the theme of what age is appropriate to date. It brought back memories from when I first started to date (probably too early, lol). It also made me think of my unborn daughter! I started thinking, uh oh! I think maybe we’ll NEVER let her date!

NickMom-#motherfunny #shop

Watching the show with my mom was fun because, as a mother of four daughters, she remembered this scenario all too well in our household from years ago. And I have yet to experience it but I know someday we will!

Because the show airs on Sunday night I found it was a nice way to de-stress before the work week starts. It felt good to laugh and just “veg out” before heading to bed!

If you get the NickMom channel you’ll definitely need to check out the show Instant Mom! NickMom airs new episodes on the Nick Jr. channel every Sunday at 10:00 pm EST and reruns can be viewed every night. Please check your local listing or this link to confirm the time in your specific time zone.

And now to eat the leftover peanut butter dip for breakfast!

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