2015 Word of the Year

2015 Word of the Year | adayinmollywood.com

As each year rolls over into the next I like to choose one word to focus on. I call it my word of the year. It becomes a sort of personal mantra I can repeat to myself in times of uncertainty and it helps keep me grounded in my goals. In years past I have chosen some good ones. It’s amazing how it always works out that I chose the right word for the year! Trust was most definitely needed in 2014!

2013 – Positive
2014 – Trust

I started thinking about my new word choice in December. If anything repeats itself or seems to strike a chord, then I know that’s the right one for the year.


Blog Birthday, My Birthday

Eight years ago today I gave birth. No, not to a baby. A blog was born!

I kind of can’t believe I’ve been blogging here for eight whole years. When I started I knew nothing about the blogging world or social media. All I knew was that I missed writing. I kept journals off and on throughout my life. And this was a way to start that process again. I love to look back and read my thoughts. Some of it is painful. But that’s just life. If you’re gonna live, I mean really live, you’re gonna go through some pain.


Blogging when your babies aren’t babies anymore


Something has been bothering me for a long time. You see, two of my babies aren’t babies anymore. As we got closer to Landon starting Kindergarten everything in my being said, you can no longer write about him. I think there are many bloggers out there who feel that way as their babies grow up in the “spotlight” of a blog.

I have blogged ad nauseum about my kids on this blog. And yes, they could someday find what I’ve written about them. Friends and teachers could also find what I’ve written about them. Slowly I started to feel less comfortable with this.


Thoughts on blogging after seven years

I know, I know. I’m breaking the cardinal rule of blogging, which is don’t blog about blogging! Oops. But I have to get some thoughts out there.

In December I had my 7th blogging anniversary. That seems like a heck of a long time when I actually write it out. Even after all the years I’ve invested in this little space I still wouldn’t consider myself an expert. There are definitely things I could learn more about and improve upon. For instance – SEO. I know the basics. But there could be so much more to gain if I really delved into the meat of it. I just don’t have the time. I guess having three kids in the span of six years will do that to ya.


My One Word for 2014


Hey guys! Happy New Year!

What a bummer that I ended 2013 with a negative blog post. But it is what it is, you know? It’s not pretty right now. The constant sickness makes me feel depressed. It’s not a great way to start off 2014 but I figured I might as well keep it real. Still crossing my fingers (and my legs) that I will be well before I go into labor.

I watched and read this past week as many of my blog friends wrote out their resolutions and goals for 2014. I don’t blame them one bit. It really is a good time to sit down and figure things out for the best fresh start possible. I’m a big believer in clean slates. When I see January 1 on the calendar it just looks so bright, shiny and new. Like anything is possible, am I right?