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You guys? We’ve been in our house since May 2011 and still have yet to paint or decorate the main living space. I mean, it makes me feel like the laziest bum that we have done nothing to this area. But I am still having trouble figuring it out. I am most definitely NOT a home decor blog. I have no idea how to make a room look stylish. I’m afraid I’ll pick the wrong paint color and end up hating every decision I make. That and decorating a home is not cheap. We don’t have a large budget for decorating. But I’m so tired of feeling like crap when it comes to our home. I feel like it deserves to look good. It is a beautiful home and it’s practically naked!

So I’m going to show you a few photos and please please please for the love of God, chime in and tell me what you would do to the space! This is your chance to help decorate my home! Fun times.

This is the space I’m having trouble deciding how to decorate. The living room is open to the kitchen. It’s all just one big room and I think that makes it tough because you have to blend the decor and colors throughout each.

My main complaint is that the builders did not put built-ins on either side of the fireplace. There is absolutely no storage for toys or books or DVDs. And there is no place to put decorations! Since built-ins are too expensive for us right now, what do we do? Many people suggested IKEA bookshelves but those are out of the question due to shipping costs. The ceilings are really high so smaller bookshelves would look silly. Our plasma television sets on the mantle so there isn’t much space for photos or decorations of any kind. I thought about ladder shelves but am afraid my crazy boys will just try to climb them! If you have any suggestions or links let me know.

I found this option for a bookshelf on both sides. It has pretty good dimensions for the space and would allow us some storage and room to place pretties on shelves. What do you think of two of these?

Also, I’d love your suggestions for paint colors. This is tricky because do we paint the entire open space or just the living area? Do we do accent colors on the fireplace walls and leave the rest of it brown? I’m so sick of brown. I would really like some color infused throughout the space! Can we do a colorful rug on the carpet or is that just dumb?

We have already hung really long, light tan, sheer curtains over the windows. It is the only decor decision I have made and that was in January. Our sectional is a cafe latte brown and is really the only furniture we have in the space. Seriously. Everything we own is brown. But our sofa is only a year old so it can’t be replaced.

This is the view into the kitchen. The sectional sits smack in the middle acting as a sort of separation. I thought of only painting the kitchen and then doing accent walls to match in the living room but what color??? Oh, what to do. What to do. It’s so boring. I want to put up paintings and photos but on which walls? What are some cheap options for decor?

If only someone could make me an idea board! I’m not stylish enough to make one myself. I’m not crafty either so I’d rather just buy stuff.

Oh friends, won’t you please help me? Our house is screaming for a makeover!


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The Playroom Reveal

Welcome to Landon & Brigham’s playroom!



Now you see toys . . .

Now you don’t.

Colorful kiddie table was half price from World Market (baby does not come with)

Many of the toys are garage sale finds courtesy of my parents

Alphabet cable art display on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids

Landon helps me switch out the art every so often

Ikea Expedit bookshelf bought half price off Craigslist

I seriously love it.

I wanted the room to have lots of colorful accessories and toys

Canvas painting purchased at a womens trade show for $15

Sock monkey was a gift and the little sign was on clearance at Kohls

Other view of the room. Still need some pillows and something big on the wall. Photo wall maybe?

There’s that cute model again! Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere chair and rug from target which we already had.

As you can see it’s still not entirely finished. I want to make a cute cushion for the big toy box to create a neat little reading nook. I also tried to buy red tie-up curtains the other day but they looked awful. I’ve decided that we need red Roman shades instead. It has a big walk-in closet, which we use to store DVDs and soon-to-be my craft and sewing stuff.

So what do you think? I know I could have painted but I didn’t want to paint again. Simple as that. Maybe someday, eh?

Don’t forget to check out Landon’s room reveal too!

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