The Playroom Reveal

Welcome to Landon & Brigham’s playroom!

Now you see toys . . .

Now you don’t.

Colorful kiddie table was half price from World Market (baby does not come with)

Many of the toys are garage sale finds courtesy of my parents

Alphabet cable art display on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids

Landon helps me switch out the art every so often

Ikea Expedit bookshelf bought half price off Craigslist

I seriously love it.

I wanted the room to have lots of colorful accessories and toys

Canvas painting purchased at a womens trade show for $15


come sail away: plans for Brigham’s room!

When we finally moved to our new house Brigham’s room was going to be the first one I tackled. I tapped my fingers waiting for some sort of inspiration. But every time I thought about it I came up completely confused. So I decorated Landon’s room first because, well, he was able to tell me what he wanted. Much easier. I think the main reason I kept getting stuck is because this isn’t a nursery and it’s not a big boy room either. It’s an in between room. It can’t be too babyish but it still includes a crib. See, my problems are big and important.


Landon’s Room Reveal

Finally! It’s time to reveal Landon’s bedroom. It only took, oh, three months. Hey, at least it’s done! Like I told you I am not a designer. But this room has my heart in it. When we visited this house before it was even ours he told us he wanted a “planet” room. He loves the solar system. Far be it for me to deny him what he wants. It’s his room after all, not mine.

Now, I know a lot of people wouldn’t go for this paint color. I wanted something unique and bold. My mistake? Buying paint from walmart to save money and skipping the primer. Ugh. These newbie mistakes led to a three-coat paint job that could still could use a fourth. But I gave up because I have had enough of orange fingernails! By the way, orange is very hard to photograph.


Your Three Words

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I haven’t done much with our new house. Last week I typed out a long whiney post about how I didn’t know what I was doing as far as home decor and interior design goes. I feel lost half the time. I had to stop looking at pinterest because it made me feel blue. People are so damn crafty. And I’m . . . not.

Then I decided not to publish it. Because I realized it’s not that I can’t do some cool stuff with our new house. It’s that I need to sit on my ideas awhile. You know, really get to know our house. She’s open (you can hear everything). She’s honest (we need blinds). She’s big (but prefers to be called voluptuous). I need to take my time. I don’t want her to get mad at me if I pick the wrong color.


summer boys

We are so enjoying our new little neighborhood even though there’s not much of one yet. Sunset walks with my three boys are just what this mama needs after a stressful day at work.

A little bit of the hurt inside me melts away as I watch my baby’s wispy hair curl in the June heat.

I swallow whole the smiles I’ve been waiting all day to see again.

It is moments like these that smack me in the face and make me realize just how damn lucky I am.

Slow down, summer. Slow down, life. You’re going too fast.