worth it?

Yes. There is a question mark behind those words. I wish there weren’t. But until next Thursday the question mark will remain.

We are supposed to close on our current house and our new house next Thursday. But we’ve hit some roadbumps on the way to our part of paradise.

I can tell you that we’re just heartsick at the thought of not moving to our dream house like we planned. But I know God is watching and waiting. He already knows what will happen in this situation. So I’m trusting in Him. Like I have throughout this whole process.

We would appreciate any thoughts and prayers you can send our way. I realize that the universe has much bigger problems than us not moving to a new house. But we have waited for this day for two years. To see our dream within our grasp only to lose it would be devastating.

So I apologize for the lack of blogging this week and probably next week as well. I’m in no shape to blog while holding this amount of stress inside.

I am so hopeful that the wait, the tears, the hope and the fears will have been worth it.

Please, oh please, be worth it.

image via pinterest

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It’s like a stairmaster workout. only prettier.

Are you guys ready to see the second floor? I hope so because I’m ready to show you!

We start off with the lovely curving staircase.


Landon is super excited about having stairs to climb.


Here is what you see when you get to the top of the staircase (if you turn around, of course).


Not sure why I love this hallway so much. Maybe because it’s open and airy with all the light!


The first door down the hallway is the second biggest bedroom.


When I saw the built-in storage bench I knew this would make an awesome playroom for the boys! (until we finish the basement)


So much southern light in this room. It will be perfect for many activities on the second floor.


The next door down the hallway is our laundry room. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to have a laundry room on the second floor! Big plans for this room, folks.


The next door is the second full bathroom. I’m sure my boys will create many a puddle on the floor in here.


And look! They even get their own sinks! We need little matching step stools =)


The two bedrooms at the end of the hallway belong to Landon and Brigham. They are exactly the same size.

Brigham’s room. I finally get to decorate a nursery for my baby – one year after his birth =)


Landon’s room. Super fun plans to come for his new big boy room!


All four bedrooms have walk-in closets! Even my boys’ bedrooms!


The doors in our house are really cool. Sorry, had to sneak that in here somewhere.


Now here is the master bedroom! It is big. I am so not used to a big bedroom.


It is really big (Landon is a fan of the fan, hehe).


And the grand finale? Our master bathroom! I love it so much I want to cry.


The shower is awesome.


I mean, seriously. It has a place to sit down! After all, getting clean can be quite exhausting.


A separate water closet. Because peeing in privacy is really important to our marriage.


ooh, la la. My jetted corner tub. Hello, lovah.


Double sinks. Also important for our marriage after brushing our teeth on top of one another for five years.


Our walk-in closet. Can I get an amen, ladies?


It even has a built-in mirror. How cool is that?!


I hope you’re ready for all my pretty shoes, cubbies!


That’s it for the tour! Stay tuned for my many new home ideas. I’m gonna need help decorating this thing!