Brigham was up early yesterday morning. Like 5:30 a.m. early. So I brought him to bed with me and put on a show for him to watch while I slept some more tried to wake up. Next thing I know he was puking on the floor and crying out for me because little ones get confused when their tummy brings it all back up. I quickly took him into the bathroom as he continued to vomit. I knew then it would be a rough day. My mother-in-law was there to take care of them. But I’m his mama. It should be me holding him tight when he’s sick, shouldn’t it?



It feels totally weird to have no posts on my blog for more than a week. But I have a good excuse!

On Memorial Day my throat started to hurt when I swallowed. I knew it was a bad sign. On Tuesday morning it was worse and I was feeling feverish so I headed to the minute clinic where they diagnosed me with strep throat AND a sinus infection AND an ear infection! Yikes.

So I got some antibiotics and headed home to rest for the day. I called my boss and told her I would probably be in the next day. I indulged in popsicles and the entire second season of Downton Abbey (pretty much obsessed with this show).


chicken noodles for the sick toddler soul

Briggy was a sickie yesterday. He woke up on Saturday night with a high fever and an upset stomach. Some type of virus, I guess. He was not himself the next morning. He would not budge from my lap and just wanted to be cuddled. It was cold and windy outside so we nuzzled into each other and sunk into the couch.

He wouldn’t eat or drink anything, which was obviously worrisome. I figured I might as well try to fix him something for lunch. And then I remembered that I needed to review a Marie Callender’s meal. I had both a pot pie and the chunky chicken noodle meal. Well, who couldn’t use some chicken and noodles when they’re sick? I also wasn’t feeling great since I was up all night and it was the only thing that sounded yummy to me. You can either microwave or bake them in the oven but I decided to microwave it because it’s less time and work.


Y3W: Go away, MRSA!

Naaman has another MRSA infection. I was trying to figure out how many this equals. But I’ve lost count. Isn’t that scary?

Last month, he had an open sore on his lower abdomen, which healed on its own. But now it’s on his face. We think it started with a small pimple next to his lip and before too long – his lip and cheek were hard, swollen and red with infection.

He works as a nurse at a hospital and asked one of the surgeons there to drain it for him. He also got antibiotics. It’s looking much better.


my week in iphone photos

A few of my blog friends have been doing this meme for awhile. I take a lot of photos with my iphone but no one ever sees them so I figured, hey, why not?! Hopefully I’ll be better at remembering which photos were taken on what day. But I can promise nothing.

Progress is being made in different rooms of our new house. Sloooow progress. Here’s a sneak peek of the boy’s new colorful playroom!

The first coat of orange paint is up in Landon’s room. I’m gonna be honest and say that I’m not sure orange was the best choice. My nose was pretty scrunched up as I painted. But for the love of all that is holy, I’m gonna press on (possibly while wearing sunglasses), finish the second coat and hope it grows on me. For the record? Landon loves it.