Hallmark Moments + giveaway

Last month I was invited to attend a wonderful event at Hallmark Headquarters called Moments Between the Milestones. Hallmark has a brilliant campaign right now where they are helping us to appreciate the small moments in life. And if someone summons me to Hallmark? Well, I’m definitely there. In fact I was actually early which never happens.

I seriously felt like a rockstar

They want us to see beyond the birthdays and graduations and anniversaries. We all make it a point to celebrate and send cards for those. No, we’re talking about those unique moments that only happen to us. They make us smile. They make us laugh. And sometimes they even make us cry like I’m about to show you in a *somewhat* embarrasing video.

This was a special gathering of about 20 bloggers (local blog buddies, yay!). We had breakfast and heard some of Hallmark’s creative minds speak about their jobs and little moments. Then we were asked to share our favorite moments between the milestones. Oh, the pressure! We were sitting in front of some awesome Hallmark creatives!

They gave us purple t-shirts and we were supposed to fill it in with a word that described our moment. I filled it in with “I forgive you.” They recorded each blogger speaking and if you want to watch me talk just click the link below:

here is me trying not to do the ugly cry face.

trying to hold back tears

Who knew that my most difficult moment as a parent would end up in the Hallmark Moments Mosaic? Not this girl! But I now see that it was a lesson I had to learn. My son taught me the importance of forgiveness.

p.s. I made everyone else cry too so it wasn’t just me, okay?
p.p.s. I realize I use the word awesome more than once in this post.

After that we did a writing exercise and put together a collage. I felt like I was back in my college creative writing courses, which were the most awesome classes for me. This was the first day that I actually felt good about myself after coming home from BlogHer. Since I wasn’t able to handle the pressure of that conference I wondered if I would freeze up at this event too. But it was the exact opposite. I felt like this is where I really fit in. This small intimate group of bloggers and creative minds. It was perfect and dare I say it, the best opportunity since my blogging debut five years ago. Yep. It was that good for me.

A HUGE thank you to Hallmark for giving me a chance to get my creative confidence back.

Don’t fret, readers. I’m not leaving you guys out! I’ve got a nice little Hallmark package to giveaway. Here is what’s included:

Cooper’s Big Bear Hug
– interactive story book and bear
Guess How Much I Love You – recordable storybook
An awesome collection of Hallmark cards – a part of Life is a Special Occasion
Your very own “____ is a special occasion” t-shirt

In order to win simply follow my blog through google friend connect (if you’re not already). Then comment with one of your favorite moments between the milestones. I will pick a random winner on November 3rd! I will contact you if you’re the winner!


This post is in no way sponsored by Hallmark. These opinions are my own. I was invited to the Hallmark Tour but received no monetary compensation for my time. I did, however, have an awesome experience. See, there’s that word awesome again.

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feels like home

Five years ago, on this day, I married the love of my life.

It is the best decision I ever made.

I have two beautiful sons because of him.

He loves and accepts me for exactly who I am. Not for who I was. Not for who I will be.

Just me. Right now.

For better or for worse. In sickness and in health.

I don’t think I could ever show him how much that means to me.

That I am loved unconditionally. It is the only gift I will ever need.

Being with him feels like home.

My heart is safe with him.

I am forever grateful.

If you’d like to see some photos throughout our last five years of marriage please click the arrow. Another page will open up and you can watch the slideshow with two of my favorite songs.

Please click to enjoy a slideshow of the past five years