Vlog: Questions Answered #1

I would have posted this sooner. Then I realized it took me twenty minutes to record all my answers. And since NOBODY wants to watch a 20 minute vlog I knew I would have to figure out how to edit a video.

I had no earthly idea how to do it. But I kinda sorta figured it out last night (yay for learning a new skill!). I made this in iMovie and although it’s a bit choppy it will have to do for now. You know, until I’m winning the Oscar equivalent for vlogging.

A couple things you should know before watching. This is only half of my answers. Oh yes, I’m going to make you sit through another video soon for the rest of the questions. Also? My eyebrows do weird things. I have no clue how to stop them from doing it. Believe me, I practiced talking to a mirror and they still did it. So yeah, just ignore it if you can. And one last thing, I’m not that funny. Sorry about that.

Please watch it and tell me what you think. I hope to get better at this as I go along! Hopefully I’ll post the rest of the answers some time this week!


  1. I loved this! I think you did a great job. One thing I noticed was how good you are at keeping eye contact, I am awful with that in person and when I do videos of any type…. add that to my list of things I’m working on. :)

    I teared up when you were talking about Naaman with Landon, I remember those feelings vividly as well!
    Megan recently posted..Happy Day.

  2. I love, love, love A Million Little Pieces and feel the same way! It was an amazingly written book. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Molly, I love it! I’ve “known” you for, like, four years now and to see you talk for the first time is an amazing thing. I love the story about the shoes. BTW, you should wear them, they rock!

  4. I agree with Kristal…. You guys make ADORABLE kids…. so have more! Te he he! Also, on this video you sound JUST like a hybrid of Kelli and Jen. It’s crazy… Tim thought it was Kelli talking :)

  5. You did such a great job!!! Loved being able to hear your voice and see you when you answered these neat questions. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Your blog just gets better and better. Keep writing (and vlogging!) :)

  6. I suck at vlogs. I have done a few and every time I watch it back I think “what am I doing with my mouth?!” “why do i move my eyes like that?!” “do i like that that all of the time?” ha ha. It’s pretty funny. Love this vlog, though. Feel like I know you better now having heard it and seen you on video!
    Mandy@ asortafairytale recently posted..On naming a baby.

  7. You are so cute. So are them shoes. My husband would have killed me!!
    I too am feeling the pressure of age when it comes to a second child…eeks. Clock is a ticking.
    One day I need to make one of these.
    Not a kid.
    Well maybe one day.
    But a vlog.
    Kimberly recently posted..Wanna Do It?

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